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DiveLife and Canary Divers join forces!



Oli van Overbeek from DiveLife In Manchester and Kris Fearnley from Canary Divers in Rishton have announced a collaboration between their two dive businesses. As both stores have become a victim of their own individual successes, it was decided to share resources and support one another’s strengths, a model that Mr van Overbeek has been keen to push for some time now.

In practical terms DiveLife will now take the lead in all retail sales for both stores, whereas Canary Divers will take on the recreational training and club activity for both stores and clubs. This allows an unparalleled offering in quality and customer support.

The combined entity offers:

  • Cylinder testing
  • Equipment Servicing for all major brands
  • Recreational Training at both facilities
  • Wing & Long hose available
  • National and international club trips
  • Access to two RAID instructor trainers, and a myriad of experienced instructors and divemasters
  • A comprehensive membership scheme supported by both stores (for 1 membership fee)
  • Technical and Rebreather training available to instructor level

DiveLife has been a staple name in the northwest of England, a store that has changed hands several times and not always with the most successful outcomes. When Mr van Overbeek took the reins just a few years ago, he rebuilt the shop from the ground up, making it the success it is today. A well-stocked shop and a great online outlet.

Oli van Overbeek says:

“As we rebuilt DiveLife to a status that it deserved we soon came to realise that the industry was changing; because of this I’ve felt and repeatedly stated that having a 1001 micro shops and schools was not a sustainable model. I’ve had the vision for larger global training centres which can be a training and support hub for local instructors and clubs; having this collaboration agreement with Mr Fearnley from Canary Divers will surely be the first step in such a Hub. Kris has done wonders at Canary in terms of the social atmosphere and training ethos, and I’m excited to say we have been working together to get him and part of his team over to RAID to increase their offering. We’ve mainly focused on being an equipment supply company and therefore it made sense to work together and support each other and the clients at the end of the day.” 

Kris Fearnley says:

“The collaboration between the centres makes 100% sense, Canary has been focused on training and offering a fantastic friendly dive club but as a side of being so incredibly busy on that side we have had to neglect the retail, while Dive life focuses on retail primarily it makes complete sense to join the centres and continue focusing on our strengths and continue the growth both centres have had over the last few years.“

Canary Divers in Rishton is a dive shop and training centre with years of experience training and supporting the local diving community, recently in the news for their Youth Diver Network initiatives and raising money and awareness for various charities. Situated on the Rishton High Street it’s hard to miss them, the shop features a large welcoming reception and even onsite café.

Divelife in Whitefield, Manchester is a specialist retail outlet offering anything from simple clips to full tech equipment. Run by Oli van Overbeek since 2018, who has 20+ years of experience in diving, after the store had been re-opened by local divers and enthusiasts. Since taking the reins, Oli has built the shop out to the level of a UK premier supplier in just under 3 years. The store now holds the highest levels of accounts with premium brands such as SANTI, Halcyon, xDeep, Ammonite, Poseidon, Mares, Divesoft, and SEAC just to name a few.

DiveLife offers a 3-tier structure of training to offer the best and most modern way of diver training. DiveLife has in-house RAID trained instructors, offer 1-2-1 training via Matrix Diving and also has associate trainers who work with DiveLife from multiple agencies. Servicing and air-fills are also offered on-site, with two extra servicing workshops available for a quick turnaround for cylinders, drysuits and regulators.

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Announcing the Winners of Scubaverse’s June 2022 Underwater Photo & Video Contests



Another bumper month packed with amazing images and videos from around the world! It has certainly been another great month for entries in both contests – your underwater photos and videos are just getting better and better! Thanks to all who entered.

To find out who the winner of’s June 2022 Underwater Photo Contest is, click here.

To find out who the winner of’s June 2022 Underwater Video Contest is, click here.

If you’re not a winner this month, then please do try again. July’s photo and video contests are now open.

To enter’s July 2022 Underwater Photo Contest, click here.

To enter’s July 2022 Underwater Video Contest, click here.

Good luck!!!

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Tips for… Navigation



Not the most fun of topics we guess, but pretty important for any diver! Now we are sure that there are some of you out there that steer away from the navigation side and are quite happy to follow along at the back. But if you are one of those divers and the reason is because you think that it is ridiculously hard.. we want to give you a few basic tips to help you!

Now using a compass may look scary but actually there is not much to it. First rule to remember… North is North under the water as well as on land… it doesn’t change! So, with that in mind we can use that pretty easily under the water to at least give us a point of reference whilst we are diving, even if you are not leading it. Knowing the direction that you are going and how deep you are is a good reference and will help you to become more confident. Get into the habit of taking a ‘bearing’ – fancy word for direction – on the surface before going under and check the bearing as you are diving.

Knowing which way is left and right – well, when going right, the numbers increase, and when going left, the numbers decrease… easy! Starting off with turning left and right 90 degrees will start to get you into the habit of making turns. Try not to use complicated numbers when you first start off, nobody likes maths at the best of times, let alone trying to add 273 to 32 under the water! Keep it basic.

Last but not least, navigating is not all about using a compass. If you are not a fan of it and want to keep your dives simple, there is nothing wrong with natural navigation. There are some amazing sites around our coastline that are perfect for this – harbour walls, piers, open sea coves, all allow the point of reference to be followed on one side of your body on the way out and the opposite on the way back. You can also check that you are going the right way on your return as the depth will start to decrease. This is a great way to start building your confidence with navigating if you are new to it, and what is even better, lots of marine life love to congress around these rocky areas!

Other aspects to consider to throw into your natural navigation bag are picking some land marks during your dives. If there is something notable that doesn’t move (fish are not highly recommended!) take a note of this and use it as a reference and pick another. On the return journey, you can use these ‘markers’ to find your way back to the starting point. A nice and simple way to find where you are going.

So, give it a go in a nice shallow bay area and see how you get on… practice makes perfect!

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A luxurious dive resort in the heart of Lembeh Strait. Enjoy refined services while exploring the rich waters of Indonesia.

The resort is nestled around an ocean front deck and swimming-pool (with pool-bar) which is the perfect place to enjoy a sundowner cocktail at the end of a busy day of critter-diving.

All accommodation is full board and includes three sumptuous meals a day. Breakfast and lunch are buffet meals and in the evening dining is a la carte.

Book and stay before the end of June and benefit from no single supplements in all room types!

Booking deadline: Subject to availability – book and stay before end of June 2022

Call Diverse Travel on 01473 852002 or email

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