Dive on with DIVER Magazine’s July 2020 issue


The July issue of Diver heads underwater, where social distancing isn’t a factor!

  • Back in the UK: With overseas locations off-limits to UK divers, Will Appleyard reminds us of the fun to be had with no need for flights
  • Red Sea Wreck: Jesper Kjøller gets to dive deep-lying sailing ship the Almirante
  • Shark Behaviour: Spending quality time with great white, tiger and hammerhead sharks reveals the subtler differences
  • Hip-shooting: Henley Spiers has a new way with wide-angle, and he’s keen to share
  • Magnetic Roatan: Brandi Mueller can’t keep away from the Caribbean hotspot – she explains why
  • Jimmy Goes Diving: Starting young pays dividends in diving – but you need the natural drive
  • Minecraft: Diving in mines is new territory for Greek divers – and this mine is 3000 years old
  • Downtime: It’s amazing how many vintage underwater films can be found on YouTube
  • Plus: Simon Pridmore on drift-diving, Alex Mustard on angelfish, Penelope Granycome on sexual harassment, kit tests, news and much more…

Download your copy of the July 2020 edition of DIVER here!

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