Dive Ninjas becomes first Ally for Dolphins Certified Ecotourism Operator in Baja


Dive Ninja Expeditions, pioneering the sustainable exploration of Baja’s wild frontier, sets a new standard for ecotourism operators in Mexico and around the world, by joining Ally for Dolphins’ initiative to make the industry more transparent for the growing population of eco-conscious travelers.

Freediving with wild dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas with Dive Ninja Expeditions & Neal Watsons Bimini Scuba Center

Thousands of travelers come to Mexico every year to experience the incredible marine life that call these abundant waters home. As these travelers become more aware of their environmental footprint, tour companies are becoming more ‘eco-friendly.’ However, there is no accountability.

Freediving with Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in Bimini – Dive Ninja Expeditions

“I have personally seen passionate ocean-lovers unknowingly book ‘whale-watching eco-tours’ with a company that also offers swimming with captive dolphins. There is no transparency, and too many options. We are happy to be a part of a solution to this problem, so that consumers can more easily choose an operation with practices that align with their own beliefs and principles.”

—Ellen, Instructor at Dive Ninja Expeditions

There are over 40 dolphin aquariums in Mexico alone, many associated with resorts, large tour companies, and corporations hiding behind a mirage of conservation, and ecotourism marketing. Not only does Dive Ninjas not support wild animals in captivity in any way shape or form, they also promote sustainable practices such as: reef-safe sunscreen, sourcing from local communities, refusing single-use plastic, recycling, and so many more.

Freediving with Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in Bimini – Dive Ninja Expeditions

Hoping to be the first of many operators and businesses certified in Baja, Dive Ninja Expeditions wants to bring awareness to the great work that Empty the Tanks is doing for dolphin captivity. In addition, they have curated a once-and-a-lifetime experience to swim with wild dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas this summer to experience these curious, sentient beings in their natural habitat.

Freediving with Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in Bimini – Dive Ninja Expeditions

Before or during your next holiday, when choosing a restaurant, tour operator, or hotel stay, check the Ally for Dolphins website for approved operators, to ensure they support ecotourism and put the welfare of dolphins and all cetaceans first. You can get involved in the movement to “Empty the Tanks,” by asking your favorite dive center to join Ally for Dolphins. Collectively, as consumers, we have the power to make profound changes by aligning our demands with our dollars.

Visit www.diveninjaexpeditons.com for more information.

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