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Dive Ninja Expeditions launches Ocean Stories: Bringing the ocean into your home



Just when we are all feeling a little disconnected from one another, with many of us far away from the ocean we love, Dive Ninjas has announced a new platform to connect us all to those working at the forefront of ocean conservation. Scientists, shark divers, photographers, educators, and leaders in the industry will share their stories with you via live, free webinars. You can tune in with your family, friends, or quarantine buddies to learn something new and connect with some amazing people with interesting stories to tell from their not so average 9-5 jobs.

Dive Ninja Expeditions have built a solid reputation for being on the forefront of exploration, education, and conservation. Their tours and trips are designed to create citizen science experiences that connect scientists with passionate scuba divers and freedivers from around the world. But in light of the current situation, without the ability to explore or travel, the ninja team has curated a new platform to bring the ocean to you – introducing Ocean Stories.

These last weeks it seems like everywhere we look there is nothing but bad news. I wanted a way to break away from this and bring our community together. We hope that Ocean Stories is able to bring a breath of fresh air to everyone currently stuck at home, by connecting us to the love we all share for the ocean.” says Jay Clue, the founder of Dive Ninja Expeditions.

Starting March 29th, presenters from all over the globe will be sharing their stories right from their home to your living room. They kick off the first 2 weeks with their very own ‘shark week’ featuring: shark advocate & stuntwoman, Liz Parkinson, talking about working with sharks in film and conservation, shark scientist, Dr Frida Lara, talks about the bull sharks in the UNSECO World Heritage Site of Cabo Pulmo, and Jillian Morris Brake, founder of Sharks4Kids, will be giving a special talk for kids & families introducing the little ninjas to the world of sharks. There’s also a freediving breathing workshop to help us relax during these stressful times, a shark photography workshop by photo pro Simon Lorenz, an intro to hammerheads by shark scientist, Pete Rodriguez Arana, and even a talk on the sharks & rays of Ireland by Grace Marie Carr.

But it doesn’t end there, in the coming days they’ll be releasing more dates and talks on everything from coral restoration, manta rays, sea lions, ocean communities, huge mobula ray aggregations, striped marlin, exploring the baja peninsula, and so much more. There’s even a very special talk from the renowned, multi-award winning photographer and conservationist, Alex Kydd of Ningaloo Reef!

Each presenter, from the global community of like-minded individuals working to protect our oceans, will give a ‘TED-Talk’ style presentation or workshop. Each presentation will last around 30 minutes, with a 10-15 minute Q&A session afterwards with the audience. They are all 100% FREE to join, kid friendly, and available to everyone! They will also be recording the talks so that if you can’t make it to the live version you can still watch it later. Check out for the full schedule of presenters and to register for the free talks!

For more info on Ocean Stories or Dive Ninja Expeditions check out:

Marine Life & Conservation

Expedition on the Saba Bank to Enhance Tiger Shark Protection



This August a team of researchers will spend a week on the Saba Bank investigating the life-cycle of tiger sharks. Researchers will investigate the migration routes, where and when tiger sharks breed so they can protect them better within the Dutch Caribbean’s Yarari Marine Mammal and Shark Sanctuary as well as beyond. In this expedition members from the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), Nature Foundation St. Maarten (NFSXM), St. Eustatius National Parks (STENAPA), STINAPA Bonaire, the Aruba National Parks Foundation (FPNA), the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) and World Wildlife Fund for Nature the Netherlands (WWF-NL) will participate.

In 2016, the Saba Conservation Foundation, Nature Foundation St. Maarten, and Sharks for Kids  partnered together as part of DCNA’s Save our Sharks Project funded by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. Since then, satellite tagging of tiger sharks has been conducted on the Saba Bank and around Sint Maarten. Through this research we now know that tiger sharks in Dutch waters travel throughout the Caribbean basin, with most of these tagged sharks being sexually mature females. During the upcoming expedition the researchers aim to not only tag and track more tiger sharks to further investigate the life cycle, but they will also measure if and how large the pups inside pregnant tiger sharks are. This will help to determine if the Saba Bank is in fact a breeding ground for tiger sharks, one of the main goals of the expedition.

(c) Sami Kattan

The other objective is to see where these transboundary sharks migrate to in order to better understand the importance of the Yarari Marine Mammal and Shark Sanctuary and protect other geographical areas. The Yarari Sanctuary was established on September 1, 2015 and aims to protect marine mammals, sharks, and rays throughout the waters of Bonaire, Saba, and since September 2018, St. Eustatius. Collaboration between not only the six Dutch Caribbean islands but countries across the wider Caribbean as a whole is necessary in order to protect and conserve these essential species and ecosystems. Therefore the Caribbean Shark Coalition was recently formed to collaborate better in the entire Greater Caribbean region.

Celebrated on July 28 each year, World Nature Conservation Day acknowledges that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and healthy society. This includes a healthy ocean which, undoubtedly, depends on sharks. Sharks are large top predators that serve a critical role in maintaining balance in the marine ecosystem. Sharks help keep their prey population healthy by eating the weak while also affecting their prey’s distribution. In healthy oceans, sharks help to maintain stable fish stocks and healthy coral reefs and seagrass beds, which is important for the fisheries and the economy of the islands.

The Tiger Shark research expedition is coordinated by the DCNA and generously funded by WWF-NL through the Biodiversity Funds and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.

For more information on the Pregnant Tiger Shark Expedition, follow the participating organizations on Facebook, Instagram or DCNA’s website.

Header image: Jarrett Corke (WWF Canada)

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NEW Video Series… Back2Basics #1: Proper O-Ring Care



Matthias Lebo’s Back2Basics video series will guide you through the basics of underwater videography, equipment and maintenance. Whether you are just starting out or already taking underwater videos, this 12 part series will provide invaluable tips and improve your skills and knowledge

In this first ever episode of the “Back2Basics” Series we talk about the o-rings that keep the water outside of your camera housing and what’s the best way to care for and maintain them, doing all you can to avoid water leaking into your housing, potentially damaging your camera.

For more about Matthias visit his social media channels:

Visit for more!

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Explore the amazing triangle of Red Sea Reefs - The Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone on board the brand new liveaboard Big Blue.  With an option to add on a week at Roots Red Sea before or after. 

Strong currents and deep blue water are the catalysts that bring the pelagic species flocking to these reefs. The reefs themselves provide exquisite homes for a multitude of marine life.  The wafting soft corals are adorned with thousands of colourful fish. The gorgonian fans and hard corals provide magnificent back drops, all being patrolled by the reef’s predatory species.

£1475 per person based on double occupancy.  Soft all inclusive board basis, buffet meals with snacks, tea and coffee always available.  Add a week on at Roots Red Sea Resort before or after the liveaboard for just £725pp.  Flights and transfers are included.  See our brochure linked above for the full itinerary.

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