Dive Centre of the Day: DiveMed, Malta


Scubaverse.com’s Dive Centre of the Day today is DiveMed in Malta!

Enjoy a fantastic underwater experience and discover what scuba diving is all about with DiveMed, a family-owned business run by Manuel, Abigail, and Mikela Borg.

Manuel – Owner of DiveMed for over 30 years and a veteran diver, Manuel is a keen enthusiast and an expert in many fields.

Abigail – Being Manuel’s daughter, Abigail was pretty much born into diving. She is now dedicated to managing the company.

Mikela – Second daughter of Manuel, Mikela is the new generation of DiveMed. She is a very avid diver and eager to achieve more challenging experiences…

DiveMed offers a full range of PADI courses from Rec to Tec and year round warm water diving.

Have you been diving with DIveMed? If you have you can rate and review them in the Scubaverse Directory. Follow this link now and let other divers know what you think about the diving that DiveMed has to offer:

Rate and Review DiveMed

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