Devon and Severn IFCA: Diving Permit Bye-law now in place


Divers are being advised that a new Diving Permit Byelaw has been introduced by the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA).

Under the terms of the byelaw, divers may not remove any crab, lobsters or scallops from any fishery within the Authority’s district otherwise in accordance with a permit issued by the Authority. Any of the above found on a vessel within the district whilst persons are engaged in diving will be deemed to have been removed from a fishery within the district.

Permits can be issued to individual divers; the permit will cost £20 and last for up to two years. Individuals are limited to 2 lobsters, 2 crabs and 15 scallops per day and these must be for personal consumption. Previously a leisure diver would not have been able to retain any scallop during the months of July, August and September under the inherited Byelaw but can now catch up to 15 scallops per day all year round.

Full details of the Byelaw and how to apply for a permit can be found on the Devon and Severn IFCA website.



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