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Deptherapy, a UK based charity that seeks to rehabilitate seriously injured British Armed Services Personnel who have suffered life changing mental or physical injuries through the medium of scuba diving, has announced an exciting new working relationship with Colchester based Blue Abyss.

Here is Deptherapy’s official press release:

The Board of Directors of Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education are delighted and proud to announce a close relationship with Blue Abyss.

When we were first contacted by John Vickers, the MD of Blue Abyss, he explained the size and shape of his plans for the World’s largest covered water training facility.  It is going to be amazing.  When you hear the words Largest and World in the same sentence you have to ask for more detail.

The project involves an approximately 50m deep shaft, state of the art lecture rooms, hotel, with on-site baro medicine – all of which  are of great interest to our  charity and will provide tremendous benefits to our client-base of ex-military and blue-light disabled.  John went on to say that one side of the pool was to have two lanes at 2m depth to allow free diving to take place as they swim 50m lengths at 2m. He then wanted advice on the best way forward for the facility to become fully inclusive.  On the diving side John had already planned a shallow entry system, chair hoist and nonslip surfaces as well as purpose-designed changing facilities and equipment cages at ground level.

Once we heard this we became very supportive of the project.  To be included at the outset of planning is a real bonus and we want to integrate as many of our experiences in this early phase so that all Deptherapy divers can add true value.  Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education are fully behind Blue Abyss and understand what they are going to achieve in complementing all forms of diving.

Richard Cullen, Chairman of Deptherapy said: “Last year Frank Buchanan of the Scuba Trust described us as ‘setting the standards for the dive industry’ in respect of disabled diver training. Being asked to advise and work with Blue Abyss on this exciting project is an acknowledgement of our preeminent position as the leading disabled diving training agency.”

John Spencer-Ades, MD of Deptherapy said: “We have celebrated our first year as an English charity and what better birthday present could we have than being asked to advise on this project. The commitment from John and his team to make this an accessible and disabled friendly environment is heart-warming.”

We, the Board recognise the need for such a facility and look forward to being able to use it when it is open as it adds a level of safety and progressively controlled but demanding experiences for the practice of essential skills and drills at depths before progression to open water.

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