Deptherapy Ambassador Gary Green publishes first book – Bombs for Breakfast


Inspirational Deptherapy Ambassador, PADI AmbassaDiver and Scubaverse Blogger Gary Green has had his first book published.

Bombs for Breakfast: A Real Life Story is a no compromise, hard-hitting and gut-wrenching exposé of how young men are turned into killers in the name of Queen and Country. From war Hero to injured warrior, to suicidal drug addict, Gary Green gives us an insight into what happens to those who fight for us and then are left to deal with the traumas of what they have seen and done.

Gary Green joined the British Army as an Infantryman in the winter of 2007 and deployed to Afghanistan in Summer 2009. There he faced the true horrors of war dealing with injured civilians and colleagues, as well as daily fire fights with the enemy until he himself was blown up by two I.E.D’s. Medically discharged from the Army in 2010 after being left blind in his right eye, Gary was diagnosed with PTSD in 2011 and battled with drug and drink addictions until conquering them in late 2013.

Gary’s discovery of Scuba Diving through the UK-based charity Deptherapy helped him turn his life around. He is now a Trustee and Board Member of Deptherapy, where he plays a key part in rehabilitating other veterans who have life changing physical and mental injuries. He is also a PADI AmbassaDiver for the UK and currently training to become a PADI Divemaster.

Bombs for Breakfast is not a book about Scuba Diving but it does tell the story of Gary’s recovery and how both diving and Deptherapy helped him to where he is today.

In the book, Gary writes eloquently about how diving makes him feel:

Gary Green. Photo: Dmitry Knyazev.

I found a secret in the water, I am Poseidon, I am the god of liquid, I am the unshuttering master of my own feelings. I can decide whether I am happy or sad. I have only been placed in another place so how can my feelings change? How can I be satisfied in one place but not another? Surely if I can be happy in one, I can be content in another? If I hold a potato on one side of the room, then walk to the other, it will still be a potato. So, if I’m happy here, then I go home, I should be happy there? It makes sense to me. I can’t take the sea with me, but if I could just capture this contentment I have in the water, if I can somehow dope myself with this at home, I would have slain all my demons.

Bombs for Breakfast: A Real Life Story, published by Michael Terence Publishing, is now available from Amazon worldwide in Paperback and Kindle edition, as well as on Gary’s own website. You can find out more about the work of Deptherapy at

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