Dead 15ft basking shark washes up on Scottish beach


Largs Coastguard Rescue Team have released photos of a dead 15ft (5m) basking shark which washed up at Skelmorlie, North Ayrshire in Scotland.

The shark was discovered on the 23rd January this year. A skin sample was taken from below the shark’s dorsal fin to determine the cause of death, the results of which have not yet returned.




The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said the shark was found near the A78 Shore Road.

An MCA spokeswoman said: “This was reported to us by a member of the public in the evening of 23 January. The shark was dead when it washed up. It was 15ft long and weighed a few tonnes.

“North Ayrshire Council was contacted and we sent Largs Coastguard Rescue Team to confirm it. All relevant agencies were informed.”

Sources:, Largs Coastguard Rescue Team Facebook Page

Photos: Largs Coastguard Rescue Team

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