Dan Orr Running for Re-Election to the DEMA Board of Directors


Dan Orr is running for re-election to the DEMA Board of Directors. Here is his candidate statement:

I respectfully request your vote for re-election to the DEMA Board of Directors in the A-3 stakeholder category (Media, Associations and Others).

I have devoted my professional career to serving our industry.  I retired as President of DAN in 2013 after helping DAN develop a wide array of training and education programs including being responsible for the development of the DAN Oxygen First Aid course and focus on its worldwide diving safety mission. Prior to coming to DAN, I developed course curricula in the academic environment, collected data and supervised research efforts in the field of science diving, tested diving equipment for military contractors and worked for or served on the Boards of non-profit and for-profit organizations including the Historical Diving Society-USA, the WCH Media Group, the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the Recreational Scuba Training Council and the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA). As a member of the DEMA Board of Directors, I have served you in many ways,including being the Senior Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of the Public Policy Committee.  

As an active industry professional, I am committed to making our entire industry grow and prosper in these very challenging times. This partnership between all segments of our industry is a key element to our future success. As partners, we can harness the value and strength that is gained by working together for a common purpose. That common purpose is to identify the challenges we face, develop achievable solutions and put into action strategic initiatives that will help guarantee the future of our sport, our industry and our lifestyle.  

We all recognize that our industry continues to be under a great deal of stress.  Aggressive competition from other sports, a struggling economy and the business challenges presented by the Internet as well as the impact that uncertainties in the global business and political climate has on dive travel are all factors influencing our business. I am convinced that by working together, harnessing our collective energies and expertise to develop and implement effective strategic initiatives, we can positively affect our future. My philosophy has always been to role up my sleeves, identify all available options and meet challenges head on. I am sincerely convinced that together we can achieve success. As Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world . . .” As a member of the DEMA Board, I can help us change our world!

For us to be successful, we will need a strong and responsive trade association and Board, willing and able to make positive things happen. Now, more than ever, we need a trade association that understands our needs and a Board that is prepared to focus our collective resources to solving the problems that all of us face. 

If I am re-elected to the DEMA Board, I pledge to work tirelessly to represent your interests by:

  • Continuing to find ways to improve the DEMA Show so that exhibitors, attendees and the association reap the maximum benefit;
  • Finding ways to develop and use effective metrics, through applied market research, to collect and disseminate important demographic data for use by our association and stakeholders;
  • Developing and implementing effective efforts to improve acquisition and retention of new divers;
  • Being ready and prepared to act quickly and decisively to legislative challenges that affect our sport and our industry; and
  • Promoting a conservation ethic that focuses on responsible use of our natural resources through the promotion of global educational outreach programs

I believe that I can continue to help DEMA and our industry achieve the success we all want from our trade association. With the help of a strong trade association and an effective and responsive Board of Directors, we can work together and meet the challenges and opportunities the future has to offer. I am an optimistic and “glass half full” kind of guy and I want to continue to be a part of our collective future; I want to continue to serve you on the DEMA Board. I pledge to continue working tirelessly on your behalf to help us maximize the success in our future.

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered to represent you and your interests on the DEMA Board of Directors!


Dan Orr

Dan Orr Consulting, LLC.


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