DAN Europe’s #WhyWeDoIt campaign spreads the passion for diving


Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe continues to spread the passion for diving through the recently launched #WhyWeDoIt campaign aimed at celebrating and inspiring the diving community around the world. The campaign follows four international divers who share their stories on camera. Through the portal wwdi.daneurope.org the public is invited to view these stories and share their own.

“Divers are often asked questions such as: ‘Aren’t you scared? Isn’t it too risky?’. Yes, diving comes with certain risks – that’s why dive safety is important. But, as any diver will know, there are so many more positive elements. It’s an amazing experience and we want to encourage others to be part of it through the stories of four inspirational divers who answer one key question: ‘Why do you do it?’,” said Cristian Pellegrini, DAN Europe Head of Marketing & Communications.

The four divers, who are all DAN Europe members, share a deep respect for the environment. Their sense of discovery pushes them to follow their passion. Through their inspiring stories they urge others to do the same:

Jason deCaires Taylor is a British sculptor and underwater photographer. He’s the creator of the monumental Museo Atlántico (underwater museum) in Lanzarote, Spain. Jason, an environmentalist, says the Ocean is “an incredible space where I disconnect” and where he can be alone with his thoughts. His work draws attention towards various issues such as the fragility of the underwater environment. In the video he talks about the intimate relationship between people and the sea, saying: “we are as dependent on the environment as it is dependent on us”.

Alban Michon is a French ice diver and explorer who lives his life pushing his boundaries and following his passion. Alban fell in love with diving at the age of 11. Like many divers, he was inspired by the great Jacques-Yves Cousteau and, one cold December day, he decided to “see what’s under the lake”. There he discovered a “fabulous” world of reefs and colours which made him want to preserve the environment. “The world of adventure is an interesting way to show off the environment,” he says.

American scuba dive blogger Justin Carmack is traveling the world documenting the top 100 dive sites. In the video he talks about how diving changed his life and about how “completely whole” and carefree he feels whenever he dives. He feels it’s a pity that 90 per cent of the people on earth never get to see the underwater marvels. Justin explains how there’s always something new to discover underwater and there’s a whole other world down there that makes his life “a thousand times better”.

Italian freediver Raffaella Schlegel is also an underwater photographer with a special interest in capturing images of large predators in their natural habitat. She reveals that she was never afraid of sharks and is on a mission to help everyone see that they are not the evil creatures depicted in movies. Her experience with these “elegant” creatures has taught her they all have their own personality. She confesses that she prefers larger species because she feels “tiny compared to them… they make me feel in harmony with them”.

Learn more about DAN Europe’s #WhyWeDoIt campaign and view the videos on wwdi.daneurope.org.

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