DAN Europe Partners with Ocean Maps to Offer its Members Better Diving Experiences


The international diving safety organization Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe and the Austrian-based startup Ocean Maps have announced a partnership to offer an enhanced diving experience to scuba diving fans.

Ocean Maps provides groundbreaking interactive 3D-simulations of popular dive spots, helping divers to accustom to the specifics of a dive site. DAN Europe members will be granted 3 free interactive 3D dive maps of the “Red Sea Scuba Maps” App, including the famous diving spot “Big Brother”, to encourage detailed planning and briefing before diving. Thanks to this cooperation, both organizations raise awareness about the importance of thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge of the dive site before taking up the dive.

DAN Europe members will be directly invited by e-mail. All divers can check out the DAN membership benefits at daneurope.org/web/guest/member-deals.

About DAN Europe

DAN is the world’s largest and most respected diving safety organisation, guaranteeing its members medical assistance around the clock and all over the world, management of diving accident, accident prevention campaigns, unparalleled scientific research programs and countless member benefits, including liability and travel insurance plans.

For more information visit www.daneurope.org.

About Ocean Maps GmbH

Ocean Maps GmbH created the world’s first interactive 3D dive maps based on high resolution sonar satellite and video data. The application helps divers to explore underwater worlds before actually going there, to enhance the diving experience and promote safety.

For more information visit ocean-maps.com.


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