Czech company helps divers with disabilities fulfill their dreams


The best Christmas present is to feel free!

Divesoft, the unconventional company from the landlocked Czech Republic which produces hi-tech diving equipment for top technical and cave divers all around the world, believes that diving can have a positive impact on the lives of everyone. Thus, the company are big supporters of organizations who arrange diving training for people with disabilities.

Imagine the possibilities

Diveheart is an American NGO which provides educational scuba diving programs for people with disabilities. Their motto, “Imagine the possibilities“ reflects their mission to inspire individuals who have a variety of disabilities including physical and developmental disabilities, vision and hearing impairments, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and more, to take on challenges they may have never considered, such as diving. In support of Diveheart’s efforts, Divesoft has lent Freedom computers, with  helpful easy-to-read-screens, to assist divers with oxygen dosage, dive planning, and a host of other functions.

A diver with paraplegia. Source: Diveheart Facebook

Diving with a disability in a country without the sea

For those with a passion for diving, it can be unimaginable living in a country without access to the sea. But fortunately, even in the landlocked Czech Republic, there are amazing opportunities for divers to enjoy the underwater world; for instance the dams, quarries, and abysses, including the deepest in the world, the Hranice Abyss. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the Czech sports club for people with disabilities, SKV, offers diving as one of their activities, alongside dancing, skiing, floorball, table tennis and more.

Diving is an extremely popular sport among individuals with disabilities. Tomáš Kratochvíl, Head of the Diving Club at SKV, who suffered a spine injury and subsequent paralysis of his lower limbs and partial paralysis of his upper limbs in 2009, shares “Diving is one of the few sports in which a person with a disability does not need aids such as a wheelchair, handbike, etc. It allows us to forget, at least in the moment, the differences between those who walk on their own and those on wheels.”

A diving course for beginners. Source: SKV website

Divesoft would like to help individuals with disabilities make a full return to their active selves. Through cooperation with organizations like SKV, Divesoft hopes to make a positive impact on these individuals’ lives.

A diving course in Elba. Source: SKV website

Dreams do come true, especially at Christmas

Diving is undoubtedly a magical experience. What’s better than becoming an Avatar for a moment and moving through the water  without limitations! However, for those who don’t dream to dive, Divesoft also fulfills wishes on the Jeziskova vnoucata, a Christmas Wish List project which helps bring cheer to the eldery during the holidays.

Making people happy is truly the best gift that can be given!

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