Crowdfunding needed! Help make these Marine Recycled Handplanes a reality…


Odyssey Innovation needs your help to manufacture their Marine Recycled Handplanes.

Plastic is found on every waterbody and at the greatest depths of our oceans. Odyssey Innovation view this as a resource, supporting communities to help clean our oceans and recycle. Their latest enterprise is recycled marine Handplanes, allowing you to enjoy the ocean whilst helping to protect it.

Odyssey Innovation was founded by Rob Thompson, a marine conservationist who has spent the past five years working with communities to recover and recycle Marine Plastic. Believing that the root cause of the problem is our wasteful culture and lack of resourcefulness, Rob’s first product was marine recycled kayaks which are used to recover marine plastic.

Odyssey Innovation are pioneering the circular economy, working on the principle that by making marine products which can be used for enjoyment, we can capture people’s imagination and change our views of marine plastic from waste to resource.

In order to make the Handplane Rob began consulting with surfers to find out the best design for them. The idea was to develop a Handplane that could be used by beginners and experienced surfers alike. Once settled on a design, they created 3D printed prototypes which were thoroughly tested to ensure they performed as hoped. Lots of fun was had during this stage resulting in a Handplane designed by surfers for surfers.

The next stage is to scale up to manufacturing. Being true to their ethos the body will be made in the UK from recycled marine plastic, the wrist strap padding from recycled wetsuits and webbing from seat belts and recycled life jackets, from the RNLI. By doing this they utilise materials which otherwise at best would have ended up in landfill or being burnt.

Help Odyssey Innovation to pioneer this world’s first, empowering the surfing community to become more sustainable and protect our oceans for future generations.

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