Cozumel here I come!


Pro Dive Mexico’s Marketing Manager Susann Seifert gets some time out of the office and gets to experience her favourite side of the business – the diving!

Who doesn´t know that feeling of sitting in the office scrolling through all those intriguing posts with stunning pictures of beautiful dive destinations… the moment you start daydreaming until you finally reach that point when you shout out loud: “That’s it! Cozumel here I come!”

The idea of packing all my dive equipment that I will need to carry through that heat is not really all that appealing, but HEY! the outlook on what awaits simply can´t hold me back any more. Deciding to leave all the heavy equipment at home and rent instead, I just grab my mask, dive computer and underwater camera before catching the next taxi to the ferry.

There are plenty of options to ferry over to the island of Cozumel for my 1pm 2-tank dive (The excursion offered by Pro Dive Mexico would have probably been the more comfy way by the way, as they take care of all the arrangements, provide transportation from your hotel, a guide, lunch and even soft drinks).

Not even 1 hour later, after a smooth 40 minute ride through the turquoise Caribbean waters and a quick trip by taxi, I arrive at our popular partner hotel Occidental Allegro Cozumel, which seems even more shiny after last year´s renovation and is surrounded by lush greenery.

susann 2

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Finally… the breathtaking view I´ve missed sooo much for the last 6 months!! I feel like just throwing all my stuff on that white sandy beach and running into the 28°C warm luxury bathtub of the Caribbean Sea.

susann 4susann 5

I´m early, so it´s still calm and quiet before all of Pro Dive Mexico´s diving and snorkeling boats return from their morning trips. Look! My name is already on the board! Good times.

susann 6susann 7

Here they are… LIONS II – Pro Dive Mexico´s fastest boat, GYPSY, 3 HERMANOS and ESTRELLA DEL MAR.

susann 8susann 10susann 9

Time for me to get my equipment ready. Bodegero Alex is very friendly and helpful and already guesses my required sizes. I´ll go with a long 3mm M-size wetsuit, since I tend to freeze pretty quickly, but take another shorty to put on top… just in case.

Look how clean and neat his Bodega looks. You can even keep your equipment here if you are diving with them for a couple of days and do not want to carry it up and down from your hotel room. Having said that, the ‘Ultimate Dive Experience’ room category at the Allegro is located only a few steps from the base and even features a rack to hang your wetsuit! If you stay for at least 4 or 5 nights, you will get 1 free tank every day, and the hotel´s dive coordinator will assist you with all your dive arrangements. Sounds so comfy… I’ll definitely be checking that out next time!

susann 11susann 12susann 13

I´m so excited!! Now it´s my turn to head out on 3 HERMANOS to Columbia Shallow and Palancar Gardens. Columbia Shallow is indeed pretty shallow, an aquarium-like crystal-clear vibrant dive site where it’s perfect for taking pictures, whereas Palancar Gardens as the northernmost reef of Palancar dive site is characterized by beautiful coral walls, plenty of swim-throughs, and canyons that are home to Groupers, Jacks, Turtles, large schools of Grunts, Lobsters, Nudi Branches, Spider Crabs and many more. A true wonderland – very relaxing and rewarding dives.

susann 24


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The crew is really helpful – they provide an informative briefing, assist with the equipment, entry and exit, and offer water and fruits. Memo, of A La Aventura Diving Films and Pro Dive Mexico´s underwater video & photographer, who had been requested by some friends from Toronto to film all their adventures, also made sure to share some beautiful marine life shots with me. That´s him on the surface on the second picture.

susann 20susann 21

The end of a fantastic day in Cozumel with one of the best buddies I´ve ever had! And there is way more out there! Watch out for it and join me for my next adventures!

susann 22susann 23

Thanks to Memo/A La Aventura for the wonderful underwater pictures.

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Susann Seifert

Susann Seifert

Susann is the Marketing Manager for Pro Dive Mexico Dive Centers. For more information visit

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