Scuba Diving with Grey Seals at Lundy Island, Devon (4K)

Scuba Diving with Grey Seals at Lundy Island in Devon UK. An amazing experience to dive with some of the 180+ resident grey seals (atlantic seals) at Lundy Island, North Devon, UK.

Departing from ilfracombe on the Obession II boat, our journey to Lundy was around an hour and a half. The diving trip was booked with easydiversnorthdevon who were great fun and a well organised, along with following covid-19 precautions too.

This video was taken over two days and four dives. Using ambient light only, in depths of around 4-5 metres. As this was my first underwater footage using my new kit (Panasonic gh5s and nauticam housing), I was happy with the results - hope you like it too.

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Author: Daniel French
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