Compressor diving equipment has become more accessible at Northern Diver


Northern Diver International Ltd has reshuffled its Coltri compressor and accessory items online and is now offering new, industry leading, prices across its retail, commercial and rescue websites.

Northern Diver now stock two models from Coltri’s ‘Portables’ range (MCH 6 Basic & Silent) and five from Coltri’s ‘Filling Stations’ range (Smart, Ergo, Mark 3 TPS, Open & Compact Evo). The current lead time for MCH 6 compressors that aren’t in stock is 10-14 days, whereas for all other models it’s 21 days.

Along with these differing compressor models, Northern Diver also specialises in Coltri accessories and consumables including intake kits, pressure maintaining valves, synthetic oils and filter cartridges.

For more information visit the Northern Diver website by clicking here.

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