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There is a growing trend with us travellers where we look to combine our diving holidays with cultural breaks, relaxing beach stays and sightseeing tours. Oonasdivers have put together some of their most popular choices to give you a little bit of inspiration when you are thinking about your holiday plans for 2020. With these packages you really get bang for your buck by spreading the flight price to give increased value for money and more variety and diversity.

Red Sea Land based & Nile Cruise – 14 nights from £1495 per person – dive pristine reefs with a variety of marine life from sharks to turtles and dolphins to dugong before embarking on a 7-night cruise taking in the ancient wonders of Egypt.

Maldives Liveaboard & Land based – 12 nights from £2695 per person – whale sharks, manta rays and reefs teeming with marine life, followed by 5 nights in the ultimate relaxing beach location.

Manado & Singapore Stop Over – 12 nights from 2595 per person – turtles, critters, stunning wall dives carpeted in soft corals, combined with 3 nights enjoying a wide array of sightseeing and culinary experiences.

Malapascua & Hong Kong Stop Over – 12 nights from £2795 per person – encounter thresher sharks, manta rays and first-class macro diving before spending 3 nights in one of the most culturally diverse exciting cities in the world.

If any of these packages sound of interest or you would like Oonasdivers to create a bespoke tour just for you, please give the team a call on 01323 648924 or drop an email to

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