Check out Scuba Strapp’s new products at DIVE 2016


Scuba Strapp will be at DIVE 2016 at the Birmingham NEC this weekend showing off the new 6m DSMB Scuba Strapp, their latest innovative divers strap.

6m DSMB Scuba Strapp is a 6 metre long strap, made from 25mm polypropylene webbing with a 90mm stainless steel marine grade trigger snap hook for connection to your Deployable Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB). The 6m long strap features a handy loop at 5m (ideal for your safety/decompression stops), is marked at metre intervals to provide a clear visual reference for your ascent to the surface and has a small strap and clip to secure it all neatly together for stowage. Simply clip to your DSMB prior to inflation, roll out the strap, inflate DSMB and allow strap to freely run through your hand until the DSMB has reached the surface.

The company will also be unveiling their new range of purple lanyards, available in 10 styles.

They’re made from quality, British woven polypropylene (made in Nottinghamshire in the UK) and finished with 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings and fixings – in a range of handy sizes to compliment the other eye catching colours in the ever growing Scuba Strapp range.

Scuba Strapp will be on Stand No. 952 at DIVE 2016 this weekend (22nd – 23rd October). You can get tickets for the show here.

To find out more about Scuba Strapp products visit

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