Call for Shootout team members


Join Wetpixel at the premier imaging event of 2018

The SHOOTOUT, which will be held from 15 to 23 June 2018, will again pitch two teams head to head in a live underwater photography contest.  A team from the beautiful Gulen Dive Resort – in Norway will be competing with their opposing team at the equally beautiful Lembeh Resort – in Indonesia.

For the participants, the SHOOTOUT provides the unique opportunity to focus completely on creating stunning imagery. Team captains Alex Mustard and Keri Wilk will provide guidance to their teams on how to get the winning shots but also will be making tactical decisions about image selection. They will, of course, also be helping team members to create stunning imagery by extracting the very best of their photographic ability.

The Shootout team are actively seeking team members. If you think you have what it takes and would like to participate in what will be the most talked about and fun event in underwater imaging during 2018 contact Gulen Dive Resort or Lembeh Resort directly.

Two continents, two hemispheres, two climates: ONE WINNER!

Team Scubaverse

Team Scubaverse

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