Buddy Dive Academy introduces new all-inclusive IDC package


buddy-dive-resort-bonaireBuddy Dive Academy at Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire has announced the introduction of a new all-inclusive Instructor Development Course (IDC) package.

The new all-inclusive IDC package offers the IDC course, study materials, dive equipment rental, air/Nitrox and PADI fees. Also included in the package is shared accommodation including breakfast and lunch for 2 weeks at a rate of only $25 per person per night.

Pepe Mastropaolo, PADI Course Director at Buddy Dive Academy says: “This new package offers our candidates an all-inclusive deal, without any surprising fees afterwards. Due to the on-site shared accommodation for only $25 per person per night we can offer a really interesting and competitive package. Combine this with our 35+ years of experience and there is no reason anymore not to come to Bonaire and Buddy Dive for your IDC!”

The on-site accommodation is not only affordable but also convenient for the candidates; easy access to the dive operation, pool and ocean and at the same time they can experience the atmosphere of a dive operation, their possible future work environment.

The new all-inclusive IDC package can be booked for $2,900 per person and is available as of the next IDC course starting April 28th 2016.

About Buddy Dive Academy

Buddy Dive Academy is built on the foundations of Buddy Dive Resort, which has been teaching and taking care of divers for over 30 years.  Buddy Dive Academy is the only PADI Career Development Center (CDC) in the southern Caribbean and winner of numerous awards as the premier PADI diving facility in the Caribbean.

Buddy Dive Academy’s solid experience, high standards and 100% passing rate results in PADI Instructors who are  ready to teach and interact in the diving industry with a high level of professionalism, directly after the Instructor Development Course. All these facts combined will exponentially increase the candidates’  employability in the diving industry.

More information about the Buddy Dive Academy IDC programs can be found at www.buddydive.com/gopro.

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