BSAC meet with the Maltese Attorney General regarding Stephen Martin case


BSAC’s Chairman, Chief Executive and National Diving Officer met with the Attorney General of Malta to discuss the Stephen Martin case this morning (Tues, 12 January).

BSAC member Stephen Martin has been charged with two counts of involuntary homicide following a diving incident in Gozo in 2014, in which two people tragically died.

Following BSAC’s last meeting in Malta in November regarding Stephen’s case, BSAC have continued to work with the Malta Tourism Authority to secure a meeting with the Maltese Attorney General.

It was a very frank, open and direct meeting lasting 1 hour 40 minutes in which BSAC questioned the strength of the case against Stephen Martin. BSAC very firmly explained their dismay at this case ever being brought against Stephen. BSAC believe there is a complete lack of evidence to support it and have questioned all aspects of this case.

While the Attorney General listened to BSAC’s representations and views, he explained procedurally he is unable to withdraw the case at this time.

BSAC also met with Stephen’s legal representative in Malta and continue to work with both him and Stephen’s legal representative in the UK as well as the Malta Tourism Authority to maintain pressure and to explore all possible opportunities.

Stephen has been fully updated as to what has taken place. There will be a further hearing in Malta on the 25 January at which BSAC hopes the Maltese authorities will reconsider their position and drop the case.


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