Brighten up your Black Friday with Scubapro


Scubapro is already giving away presents and it’s not even December yet! This year to celebrate Black Friday, Scubapro is offering five selected packages, each with a generous free gift.

Black Friday is the starting signal for Christmas shopping. Get off to a great start with Scubapro this coming Friday, 24th November 2017, and save up to £138! Claim your free gift from Scubapro on purchases between Black Friday (24 November) and Cyber Monday (27 November).

BuyGet free
Package 1MK25 EVO/S600/R195 Combi


1 ECCO Pack free
Package 2Everflex 5 mm Wetsuit1 pair of 5 mm delta Boots &

1 x 5 mm Everflex Gloves Free

Package 3Synergy Twin Mask & Spectra Dry Snorkel1 pair of jet Club Fins
Package 4DC2000 Camera or SetWide angle Lens (SL 970)
Package 5Everdry 4 (2017)Climasphere Overall

Check out more details on the Scubapro Black Friday web page.

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