Book Review: Scuba Exceptional by Simon Pridmore


Simon Pridmore’s latest release Scuba Exceptional continues his line of informative Scuba series books, offering excellent tips for divers of all levels.  Scuba Exceptional focuses primarily on topics of interest for more experienced divers and explores some issues relevant to technical and rebreather divers in a very readable, clear and concise prose.

Simon manages to cover a huge amount in 300 pages: interesting stories to illustrate key points, critical analysis of the common factors in incidents, up-to-date synopses of current thinking from diving medicine to decompression theory, and a refreshingly frank and realistic look at some of the faults in the scuba industry.  All this to equip his fellow divers with the knowledge to “Become the Best Diver You Can Be”.

In Scuba Exceptional Simon takes a delightfully no-nonsense approach to highlighting bad practice and encouraging positive change.  He also provides the tools for this change by discussing solutions to the problems.  Often this can be as simple as engaging our brains when fun diving, and keeping current with our skills and dive theory;  making considered choices about how we dive and who we choose to dive with.

My only criticism of this book would be the slightly abrupt ending, the last chapter being on “CCR Shallow Water Blackout” without a final concluding chapter to round things off.  With Simon’s straightforward, flowing style, this was a quick read and I found myself turning more pages, reading the acknowledgments, before realising I was at the end of the book!

As an experienced diver who enjoys both bimbling about in a few meters of water to more carefully planned technical dives, I found this book both engaging and a useful, timely reminder of many of the things I can (and should!) be doing on all my dives to improve the safety and enjoyment for myself and my dive buddies.

Scuba Exceptional contains excellent, particularly useful, advice for anyone thinking about going into technical and rebreather diving and is a great read for both novice and experienced divers.  A thoroughly recommended read!

  • Paperback 305 pages
  • Kindle Edition File Size: 6993 KB
  • Published by Sandsmedia / KDP / D2D
  • Sold by: Amazon Worldwide, iTunes, Kobo, Tolino
  • Language: English

ASIN: B07JQX6Z3C  ISBN-13: 978-1729194157

CJ and Mike

CJ and Mike

CJ and Mike are dive instructors who have travelled all over the world pursuing their passion for the underwater world. CJ is a PADI MI and DSAT Trimix instructor with a degree in Conservation biology and ecology, who has been diving for 15 years. She loves looking for critters and pointing them out for Mike to photograph. Mike is a PADI MSDT who got back into diving in 2010. He enjoys practicing underwater photography and exploring new and exciting dive locales, occasionally with more than one tank. Follow more of their diving adventures at

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