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Book Review: Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide by Erik A Petkovic Sr



In many ways the title doesn’t – and perhaps can’t – really do this book full justice. This is so much more than a technical wreck diving guide. Even if you don’t dive, the book is an exciting read with Erik’s in depth and meticulous research taking the reader through the fascinating history of each wreck and the crew.

I am not a technical diver but, even so, read the book with intense interest from cover to cover. This book is far greater than a list of technical information on how to dive these particular wrecks. It is a template for all wreck diving, technical or not. If you want more from your wreck diving than just bringing up old bits of brass or rusting iron then this book is an absolute must.

Wrecks are more interesting than lumps of iron and wood on the sea floor. They are encapsulated segments of marine history, of ship building and design, of historical circumstances that led to the launching and ultimate sinking. Imagine the passions of the crew and owners, the terrible moments as it becomes clear the ship is lost and the crew are in perilous danger. It’s all here and almost reads like a novel. He tells us of salvage attempts and cargoes that still lie at the bottom of the lake.

As well as the concise and fascinating history behind each wreck, Erik writes about his diving experiences and how best to go about planning and executing your own dives with descriptions of the best routes to take, depths, terrain and points of particular interest. He also describes the conditions of the wrecks and any hazards you are likely to encounter. He does this, and more, with the aid of excellent photos and illustrations.

A great read and I highly recommend it for divers and non-divers.

About the Author: Erik A. Petkovic, Sr. – Maritime Historian and Technical Wreck Diver

Erik began his diving career in 1997. In 20 years of diving, he has logged many hundreds of dives on the shipwrecks along the East Coast and Great Lakes regions of the US. An expert in shipwreck research, Erik is contracted by other authors to assist in the intricacies of disaster and shipwreck research. Erik has been published in multiple international dive magazines and publications including Wreck Diving Magazine, Tech Diving Mag, Deco Stop Revista(Brazil), and others. He is the author of the highly successful and well praised book Shipwrecks of Lake Erie Volume One.

Published by DIVED UP Publications. Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide is available now in hardback – RRP £30.00 ISBN 978-1-909455-30-6 – and just released paperback – RRP £19.95 ISBN 978-1-909455-27-6. Available from online and from retailers.

Jeff is a multiple award winning, freelance TV cameraman/film maker and author. Having made both terrestrial and marine films, it is the world's oceans and their conservation that hold his passion with over 10.000 dives in his career. Having filmed for international television companies around the world and author of two books on underwater filming, Jeff is Author/Programme Specialist for the 'Underwater Action Camera' course for the RAID training agency. Jeff has experienced the rapid advances in technology for diving as well as camera equipment and has also experienced much of our planet’s marine life, witnessing, first hand, many of the changes that have occurred to the wildlife and environment during that time. Jeff runs bespoke underwater video and editing workshops for the complete beginner up to the budding professional.

Miscellaneous Blogs

The BiG Scuba Podcast… with Hamna Hussain aka Humpty!



Gemma and Ian chat to Hamna Hussain, also know as Humpty! Hamna is one inspirational young lady that has found the magic in diving.  Her enthusiasm is endless. Listen to her conversation with us and all about her journey into the underwater world.

Have a listen here: 

Find out more here:

Find more podcast episodes and information at the new  website and on most social platforms @thebigscuba 

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Miscellaneous Blogs

Diving Talks 2022: A Review by Ellen Cuylaerts



The second edition of ‘Diving Talks’ took place 7th – 9th of October on the beautiful peninsula Tröia, close to Lisbon. Speakers, exhibitors and attendees from around the world met at the Aqualuz Convention Centre for 2 days filled with interesting panels. The organization went for a wide diversity of topics. The concept of this dive conference is that during presentations everyone sits down, is present and can participate in the Q & A at the end.

The pace was easy going and after the pandemic I would call every event a celebration. In this case the celebrations started with the opening of an inaugural exhibition of underwater images at the Bibliotheca Municipal de Grandola. Contributing photographers were Nino Vasques Rodriguez, Brandi Mueller, curator Nuna Sa and myself, Ellen Cuylaerts.

The next day was an ‘industry only’ event, allowing the visiting participants to get familiar with the exhibition and brands supporting the industry in and outside of Portugal. At 6pm, the exhibitors and speakers were invited by the Grandola municipality for return bus trip to Grandola, a familiarization visit with the town, and the opening to the wider public of the underwater imagery exhibition. It felt like a schooltrip and spirits were high!

It is no suprise nor secret that Portugal has a huge potential for growth regarding its diving tourism. The Azores are probably best know for big animal encounters but also Madeira, where at the same time as ‘Diving Talks,’ the World Championship’s for underwater photography was happening. Madeira is a hidden gem: wonderful visibility, wrecks, big schools of fish… a wonderful island full of a diversity of colourful flowers. To me, Portugese people, at least those I’ve met my on past two visits,  truly value life, family, the ocean and nature. 

Arlindo Serrao, the heart and soul of ‘Diving Talks’ and the best walking and talking ambassador for the Portugese waters, organised the Saturday and Sunday programme of very interesting panel discussions  (a total of 10) where participants could make their case in 20 minutes. 

On Saturday evening the congress dinner took place. It was the perfect occasion to connect and unwind after spending already some days together and the storytelling continued, which was a great opportunity for memorable moments. 

I can’t wait for the third edition of ‘Diving Talks’ next year and to experience this event again, probably combined with some excellent diving. Arlindo and Sara are the experts to arrange all that. To the whole team, congratulations!

For a full list of speakers and topics, head to and also check out the Diving Talks YouTube channel here where you will shortly be able to watch all the presentations from the 2022 event for free.

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