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Book Review: Guide to the Manta & Devil Rays of the World



Book Review: Guide to the Manta & Devil Rays of the World by Guy Stevens, Daniel Fernando, Marc Dando and Guiseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara

Manta and Devil Rays sit at the very top of many diver’s bucket list species of large marine life they would like to encounter whilst diving or snorkelling around the world. They are other-worldly creatures, with wing-spans that can sometimes take your breath away. A recent encounter that I had with a Manta in Socorro made me want to learn so much more about these animals and this lovely book is where I turned to do just that.

The book covers a host of information, including identification, feeding, predation, mating & their conservation, as well as a handy guide to how you should swim with them without disturbing their natural behaviour. It is packed with wonderful images and illustrations that go hand in hand with the information that each chapter provides. One of my favourite chapters, which is about feeding, demonstrates this perfectly, with images of the rays feeding using various strategies, along with an illustration to explain it all. This combination of media provides a wonderful visual explanation of the text within each chapter.

The final few chapters of the book cover the threats to Mantas and Devil Rays around the world and what is being done to protect them. In fact, just buying this book helps in their conservation, as the royalties go to the Manta Trust. The research and production of the book was supported by Save Our Seas. The authors’ passion for their subject and the importance of global conservation efforts shines through. This book works for many manta enthusiasts, whether you are a diver who just wants to know more about them, or a biologist working in the field, this is a book you will want in your collection.

The publication is a quality paperback with 144 pages of information about mantas, with images from a host of talented photographers as well as many beautiful illustrations. Published by Wild Nature Press. It is available from all the usual outlets.


Authors: Guy Stevens, Daniel Fernando, Marc Dando and Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara
Publication date: 14th May 2018
ISBN 9780995567399
Paperback with gatefolds
Extent: 144pp
Size: H 215mm x W 171mm

For more information visit the Wild Nature Press website:

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are a husband and wife team of underwater photographers. Both have degrees in environmental biology from Manchester University, with Caroline also having a masters in animal behaviour. Nick is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in underwater wildlife photography and he also has a masters in teaching. They are passionate about marine conservation and hope that their images can inspire people to look after the world's seas and oceans. Their Manchester-based company, Frogfish Photography, offers a wide range of services and advice. They offer tuition with their own tailor made course - the Complete Underwater Photography Award. The modules of the course have been written to complement the corresponding chapters in Nick's own book: Underwater Photography Art and Techniques. They also offer equipment sales and underwater photography trips in the UK and abroad. For more information visit


Mares & SSI launch new promotion



SSI expands financial support to SSI Members worldwide. 

2020 has been an unusual and challenging year for the entire world, especially the diving and travel industry!  To weather the crisis, SSI immediately jumped into action to help Training Centers and Professionals around the world.  

In response to COVID-19, SSI launched the No Water, No Problem Campaign, put Final Exams online, and held hundreds of Webinars to train Professionals on how to use distance learning to teach the dry Specialties online. The FREE SCIENCE OF DIVING promotion resulted in SSI Training Centers worldwide register over 50,000 FREE DIGITAL KITS, funding more than $3.5 MILLION IN RETAIL VALUE. Additionally, SSI introduced an aggressive DOUBLE PRO REWARDS incentive to help SSI Professionals compensate 2020 Renewal Fees and reduce those for 2021. Currently, the WE WANT YOU Crossover promotion aims to fill the industry need for instructors and strengthen the entire SSI Professional community.

Now, in conjunction with Mares, SSI is launching the GO DIVING – PROTECT YOURSELF. OWN EQUIPMENT Promotion, which includes a FREE SSI EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES DIGITAL KIT. This new campaign strives to motivate divers worldwide to go diving and buy equipment. Look for more information on this next retail support campaign within the next few days.

“These are just a few examples of how we have supported and are continuing to support our Training Centers, Professionals, and divers worldwide. To provide even more economic security and help in business recovery, WE WILL NOT INCREASE PRICES FOR 2021. While travel was restricted and some key resort areas completely locked down, SSI mainly focused on supporting domestic markets with retail-driven incentives. Now, in this next re-opening phase, we need to shift gear and assist resort markets that have no local diving community and are 100% dependent on the traveling diver. Therefore, SSI will grant certain special conditions and delayed payment options to specific resort markets which have been locked down for longer than six months or suffered from closed borders,” stated Guido Waetzig, SSI CEO.

Guido Waetzig, SSI CEO, explains further, “To financially support these needed investments which directly benefit SSI Members and to protect the health of our valuable members and staff, we will forego all 2021 Trade Shows over the next 12 months. Despite international uncertainty, every time we experience one of these events, the entire SSI Network emerges stronger and more resilient. Be assured, SSI is your trustful partner within the Diving Industry!”

For more information about SSI visit their website by clicking here.

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Photo Gallery: Shark Diving in The Bahamas



In our Gallery feature, we let the photos tell the story… Each Gallery showcases a selection of outstanding images on a chosen theme, taken by our Underwater Photography Editor Nick and Deputy Editor Caroline of Frogfish Photography. This time they look at Shark Diving in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas offers some of the very finest shark diving experiences in the world. The islands have protected sharks in their waters creating one of the first Shark Sanctuaries in the world. Several species of shark can be seen and photographed, with each island offering a different type of shark diving, making this destination the perfect place for a multi-island, multi-shark trip of a lifetime.

Great Hammerhead Shark diving in Bimini

Bull Sharks in Bimini

Tiger Shark off Grand Bahama

Oceanic Whitetip Shark off Cat Island

Nurse Shark off Abaco

Caribbean Reef Sharks off New Providence

Lemon Sharks off Grand Bahama

For more images from The Bahamas and around the world, visit the Frogfish Photography website by clicking here.

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