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It was the end of an enjoyable but otherwise uneventful dive exploring the seagrass beds in Studland Bay, when, running low on air, and heading back towards the beach, Steve and Julie were stopped in their tracks. There, as large as life, was a beautiful, yellow seahorse with its tail curled around a seaweed frond. It turned out to be the first confirmed sighting of a pregnant seahorse in the United Kingdom and as such, changed people’s perception of UK seahorses overnight, and so started a love affair for the authors with this enchanting animal. They went on to observe and record the native seahorses for hundreds of hours. Witnessing at first hand how they behave in the wild, and how they interact with the other plants and animals in their underwater realm…

With stunning photography, In the Company of Seahorses paints a rich picture of a mysterious world amongst swaying seagrass and colourful seaweeds. The accompanying text is packed with personal anecdotes describing the authors’ journey of discovery, illustrating for the first time the secretive lives of these elusive animals in British waters.

By sharing one couple’s passion for an entrancing ocean icon, this book aims to inspire, inform and create a better understanding of the seahorse and its often vulnerable habitats around the British coastline.

In the Company of Seahorses by Steve Trewhella and Julie Hatcher is published by Wild Nature Press: ISBN 978-0-9955673-2-0

About Steve and Julie:

Steve Trewhella is a diver and photographer, specialising in the photography of British marine life above and below the waves. He is also a keen naturalist with a particular interest in the coast and sea. When not diving he enjoys beachcombing, rockpooling and recording strandline and coastal invertebrates. His beachcombing finds include several new species records for the UK and new information about the ecology and distribution of animals and plants endemic to beach strandlines.

Julie Hatcher is a marine biologist working in marine conservation in Dorset. Her work involves raising awareness of the marine environment and marine and coastal wildlife in the UK and includes writing articles for newspapers and magazines and designing leaflets and information panels. She also leads guided rockpool rambles and seashore identification training courses and has been a scuba diver for many years, mostly in the UK.

Steve and Julie met in 2004 since when they have organised projects to record pink seafan skeletons on Chesil Beach, long-haul litter and strandline invertebrates as well as carrying out dive surveys on seahorses and stalked jellyfish in their local area. They married in 2013 and live on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

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