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blue o two present diving paradise in French Polynesia



UK-based diving tour operator blue o two have announced French Polynesia as their newest liveaboard diving holiday destination aboard the brand new M/V French Polynesia Master.

French PolynesiaKnown for its coral fringed lagoons, towering green peaks and rich marine life, French Polynesia is an idyllic location to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm hospitality.

Made up of 118 islands and atolls, French Polynesia spans an area roughly the same size as Europe. With many of the high islands framed by a reef, the French Polynesian coral atolls are superb, boasting the same calibre of beauty. Fish, dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles and more call these clear-water coral gardens home. Equally popular with divers as they are with snorkellers, these coral lagoons are truly a little piece of paradise.

Scuba diving in French Polynesia is sure to leave seasoned and novice divers alike with unforgettable diving memories; the perfect excuse for blue o two to add this sumptuous destination to their list of many, along with offering Master Liveaboard’s brand new M/V French Polynesia Master.

Built by divers for divers, this incredible vessel will allow a total of 25 divers to experience a variety of the top dive sites in French Polynesia. With a communal area allowing guests to relax and unwind in a spacious indoor lounge area on the middle deck, as well as a Jacuzzi on the outdoor lounging area, the M/V French Polynesia Master glides through spectacular scenery, basking in the stunning topography that surrounds it.

blue o two provides a selection of itineries to choose from, ensuring everything that French Polynesia offers is included in an exciting trip for all. From Rangiroa to Fakarava, divers will witness the wonders of nature and experience a trip of a lifetime.

For more information about this fantastic new liveaboard and destination, or to book your place today, visit or contact the expert blue o two travel team by calling +44 (0)1752 480808 or email


Photo Gallery: Dive Fest Barbados



In our Gallery feature, we let the photos tell the story… Each Gallery showcases a selection of outstanding images on a chosen theme, taken by our Underwater Photography Editor Nick and Deputy Editor Caroline of Frogfish Photography. This time they reflect on their visits to the Caribbean Island of Barbados for the annual Dive Fest celebrations.

Dive Fest Barbados is a week of celebrating the marine life, diving and snorkeling this idyllic island has to offer. There are activities organised each day for all those that attend that include wreck diving, marine conservation, learning to dive, snorkeling and one an unusual dive for us – riding a submarine to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea! Dive Fest Barbados allows divers to get the very best out of a trip here, with plenty of diving, but also to sample the unique atmosphere, mouth-watering food and drink, stunning scenery and beautiful beaches.

For more images from Barbados and around the world, visit the Frogfish Photography website by clicking here.

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Marine Life & Conservation

Video Series: The CCMI Reef Lectures – Part 4 (Watch Video)



Introduced by Jeff Goodman

Never before since human beings have had major influence over our earths climate and environments, have we come to so close to the brink of global disaster for our seas and marine life. We need to act now if we are not going to crash headlong into irreversible scenarios.

A good start to this is understanding how the marine environment works and what it means to our own continued survival. We can only do this by listening and talking to those with the experience and knowledge to guide us in the right direction.

CCMI (Central Caribbean Marine Institute) are hosting an annual Reef Lecture series that is open to the general public and Scubaverse will be sharing those lectures over the coming months.

Part 4: Stop Whining! Life as an Ocean Ambassador; Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen Cuylaerts shares her insights on how to act, practice what you preach and use your voice to contribute to constructive change. Ellen is a wildlife and underwater photographer and chooses to take images of subjects that are hard to encounter like harp seal pups, polar bears, orcas, beluga whales and sharks, to name a few. By telling the stories about their environment and the challenges they face, she raises awareness about the effect of climate change on arctic species, the cruel act of shark finning and keeping marine mammals in captivity.

During this seminar, Ellen will take you on a virtual trip and show you the stories behind the shots: how to get there, how to prepare, how to create the most chances to come home with a shot, and how to never give up!

Ellen Cuylaerts is an ocean advocate, underwater & wildlife photographer, explorer, and public speaker.

For more information about the CCMI click here.

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Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village is a Bedouin-owned resort with stunning views and a lovely private beach. It is ideal for divers as everything is onsite including the resort's jetty, dive centre and house reef. The warm hospitality makes for a diving holiday like no other. There is an excellent seafood restaurent and beach bar onsite, and with the enormous diversity of the Sharm El Sheikh dive sites and the surrounding areas of the South Sinai, there really is something for every level of diver to enjoy.

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