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The Red Sea has always been convenient, close and with the promise of clear, warm waters. It has also always had the capacity to surprise, with sightings big and small every year to delight divers. Right now though, it is on a hot streak and is delivering delights that we haven’t had since the pioneer days of Red Sea diving.

Nature often has cycles but could there be another reason for such amazing diving right now? Is it due to the reduced number of not just divers, but water users up and down the Red Sea coast since the decline in tourism? Certainly there are fewer dive boats on each dive site compared to the peak years of the early 21st century, but not only that, there are many fewer watercraft, not as many bathers, less construction on the coast and less chemical runoff, all as a consequence of lower numbers. Plus, conservation organisations such as HEPCA have been subsidising fishermen to encourage them not to fish in breeding seasons.

Could it be that all these factors are starting to produce a positive effect on the marine environment in the Red Sea? Well, there has now been excellent diving for more than a year so it looks like it.

September through to November usually presents the best diving year on year. Sea temperatures are an average of 28-30°C, while air temperatures cool a little from the hot summer. With good flight prices available now for those three months, come and get some of the action with a truly welcoming team of guides and crew.

What’s been showing in the Red Sea theatre? Not seen since 2014, in June in Marsa Alam, Dennis the Dugong returned. Emperor Asmaa enjoyed a Daedalus of delights with hammerheads making many appearances in July and in Marsa Alam on an Elphinstone day trip, Oceanics got close up and personal with divers. There have been mantas dancing for guests on Emperor Elite, dugong mum and her calf in Marsa Alam and The Big Friendly Giant; the waving whale shark for guests on Emperor Asmaa. All in the space of June and July.

Now is the time to visit the Red Sea and enjoy diving like never before; well, not for a long time!

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