Belmar Oceanfront Apartments Bonaire Launches New Website


Belmar Oceanfront Apartments - hiresBelmar Oceanfront Apartments Bonaire has announced the launch of its new website. The completely redesigned website has a more contemporary design and is ready for the future.

The website is mainly based on stunning images of both the above and underwater world of Bonaire and the resort. Anyone going through the website will want to come and visit Bonaire and the resort images give a good impression of what to expect of Belmar Oceanfront Apartments.

While still supplying the visitor with all the necessary information, the website has an improved navigation and structure which makes it easier to find the information that is being looked for.

Chrissie Wootton, Operational Manager of Belmar Oceanfront apartments, commented: “This new website supports our belief in continuous improvement to better serve our guests and partners. The website has increased functionality and content; showcasing our complete package; rooms, complete dive (education) facilities, car rental and more. Everything you need for a successful dive holiday.”

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