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Award-Winning Seawing Nova Fins now in all your favourite colours



The high performance Seawing Nova fin from Scubapro is now available in 7 colours, with Purple being added as the new addition to the family.

What makes the Seawing Nova so special?

Instead of the regular curve of a normal fin, the Seawing Nova has an articulated joint. This G4 joint with enlarged pivot control notches is a unique mechanism for moving the blade. The design allows the blade to pivot, softly then harder – just like the tail fin of a dolphin or whale. The diver has the perfect angle of attack and the entire blade generates an exceptionally high thrust while using less resistance.

The harder the kick, the more the end of the blade bends upwards. The water is directly channelled resulting in increased acceleration. The extra wide trailing edge adds extra propulsion.

SeawingNova_PurpleReworking the blade of the Seawing Nova has slightly increased the level of lateral rigidity. Scubapro have achieved this by using a crescent shaped baton in the central section and variable thickness in the wings. The higher level of rigidity across the trailing edge provides an improvement in responsiveness and thrust at full power.

The dead space that is usually between the foot pocket and the blade creates resistance and prevents acceleration- hence why this part has been removed. The water runs directly under the blade leaving the diver with more boost through less effort.

The new grip pads are made from a highly tear resistant and durable co-molded Thermo Plastic Vulcanizate (TPV). With a rough surface finish the pads provide a steady grip on the boat and assist when climbing boat ladders.

The ergonomic foot base with an extended sole base makes for an efficient power transfer and ensures more staying power on the heel.

The Seawing is made of a material that combines the best technical qualities–Monprene®, also used in the aerospace industry. Endurance tests proved after 1.000.000 Kicks there was no material fatigue – the fins are virtually un-destroyable.

The extremely flexible but tough Bungee Straps guarantee a faster and easier on and off.

Seawing Nova fins are available at authorised Scubapro dealers in black, white, yellow, blue, pink and now purple. RRP £135. The Seawing Nova Gorilla in Graphite are priced at £165.


For more information about Scubapro products visit


Scubapro introduces new MK19 EVO BT/G260 CARBON BT regulator



Building on its legacy of innovation, Scubapro introduces a new carbon fibre regulator for greater durability

Scubapro, the world’s premier manufacturer of high-quality scuba diving equipment, introduces its new MK19 EVO BT/G260 CARBON BT regulator system, exemplifying the ultimate in modern lightweight regulator design and durable engineering excellence.

The new regulator system features Scubapro’s new balanced diaphragm first stage, the MK19 EVO BT, finished in a special ultra-durable Black Tech coating, along with an upgraded version of Scubapro’s most popular tech diving second stage, the G260, featuring a lightweight, ultra-durable carbon fibre front cover.

“The MK19 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT is a rugged, reliable, and sharp-looking regulator system that delivers solid breathing performance in all diving conditions and water temperatures,” said Joe Stella, Group Vice President at Scubapro.

“It’s a great choice for avid and professional divers who appreciate high performance in demanding conditions.” Noting that the addition of an axial LP port may also interest technical divers seeking that specific diving configuration, Stella added, “Emphasizing design and performance, the MK19 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT is an excellent addition to Scubapro’s iconic line of diving regulators.”

The new MK19 EVO BT is SCUBAPRO’s premium environmentally sealed first stage. An engineering marvel, it improves the proven cold-water performance of the MK17 EVO and pairs it with the swivel turret of the MK25 EVO that features four High-Flow LP ports plus one axial Super High-Flow LP port for convenient LP hose routing. The MK19 EVO BT is completely sealed off from the elements, helping ensure trouble-free operation no matter how frigid, silty or murky the water gets, creating the best-in-class first stage regulator for cold water and harsh diving conditions.

While retaining its large diaphragm, internal metal components and high-flow exhaust valve for excellent breathing sensitivity, enhanced performance and resistance to freezing, the new G260 Carbon BT second stage ratchets up its ruggedness and durability with the addition of a carbon fibre front cover. Lightweight and extremely durable, if dropped or struck against a hard object, carbon fibre can resist substantial shocks without damage.

Both the MK19 EVO BT and the G260 Carbon BT feature a premium Black Tech DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating on their metal parts. This upscale coating not only lends a technical look to the system, but also protects against scratches and the ravages of salt water and corrosion.

For more information on the MK19 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT, or to view Scubapro’s complete product line-up, visit

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Dream Dive Locker Build Out Part II: Blank Slate (Watch Video)



I owe you all an update on the dream dive locker build out! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build my dream dive locker/scuba classroom/office. In this installment, I’m going to answer your questions and comments from the first video in this series.

Scuba diving is my passion and to have a dedicated space for all my dive gear, as well as a hang out spot for my students, is a dream come true.

Let me know your color choice! 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5!

Thanks for watching!



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