Award winning photographer and Film maker Luke Inman releases first book ‘The Sea Lions of Los Islotes’


Los Islotes, The Sea Lion Colony at Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz, Mexico receives more visitors than any other island in the Sea of Cortez. The Sea Lions appear to have become accustomed to human interaction and high levels of boat traffic with few ill effects.

8404948_origLos Islotes is regularly featured in the diving press as one of the top ten dive sites in the world. The Sea Lions offer an interaction like no other marine animal.

Award winning photographer and Film maker Luke Inman decided to create a book about Los Islotes.  A genuine labour of love, ‘Los Islotes’ is his first book. From his experiences gained through producing permanent images of wildlife and nature, his involvement in the promotion of our serious relationship and connection to all living things becomes increasingly vital.

“Many of us have simply become detached from any direct personal participation in our ecosystem. Others have little desire or emotional involvement in showing a willingness to appreciate or nurture our natural resources,” says Luke.

Producing lasting images and encounters with Sea Lions, Luke cherishes the notion that much needed awareness and continued respect may contribute to preserving our precious natural world. Luke regularly holds Photographic workshops and expeditions at Los Islotes; for more information, visit

His passion for taking pictures has led to prolific work with subject matter as diverse as (golfing legend) Gary Player to Filming dramatic images deep underwater capturing archaeological locations around the world. His direct personal participation in capturing spectacular images of our natural world has also led to him giving presentations both in Spanish and English – including commentary on TV and cinema.

An exclusive personalised and signed copy of ‘The Sea Lions of Los Islotes’ with a personal message from Luke is available on Luke´s website &

A hardbound, full colour, photographic journey in to  wild animal interaction. Printed on recycled paper and with part of the purchase going towards the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, enabling the dedicated professionals assisting, helping, rehabilitating all the marine mammals found injured or stranded across the Baja Peninsular.

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