Award Winners announced at BSAC Diving Conference 2017


This year’s BSAC Diving Conference held on 21st October in Birmingham was a great success. Amongst the presentations that took place during the Conference were the 2017 BSAC award winners. Here is a list of the winners and their categories:

COLINS & CHAMBERS OWI AWARD – for the most meritorious candidate on the Open Water Instructor course.

  • Winner:  David Wyman

ANALOX AI AWARD – for the most meritorious candidate on the Advanced Instructor course.

  • Winner: Debbie McNeil

FIRST CLASS DIVER – awarded to the successful 2017 candidates.

  • Mike Baker, Adrian Cadman, Neil Calver, Richard Croft, Dave Culver, Colin McCarthy, Paul Phillips, Gordon Procter, Linda Ritson, Paul Ritson

AP DIVING AWARD – awarded for the most admirable performance in the First Class Diver exam.

  • Winner: Gordon Procter

NATIONAL INSTRUCTOR – awarded to the successful 2017 candidates.

  • Tim Gort, Will Schwarz (pictured)

WEEZLE AWARD – awarded to the person who performs most meritoriously in the National Instructor exam.

  • Winner: Will Schwarz

WILKINSON SWORD – awarded for the most admirable performance in a BSAC nationally assessed examination.

  • Winner: Will Schwarz

BSAC SAFETY AWARD – presented in recognition of endeavouring to save a life without involving diving techniques.

  • Winners: Mark Istance, Nick Lyon, Michael Mason

ALAN BROADHURST AWARD – awarded for the use of good diving lifesaving techniques.

  • Winners: Ralph Cantrell, Georgina Davies-Capper, Martin Keane, James Kerr, Jenny Watkins, Robert Watkins, Phil Welch

HEINKE TROPHY 2017 – for the club judged to have done the most in furthering the interest of BSAC and its members.

  • Winner: Bingham SAC

BSAC EXPEDITION TROPHY – presented to the organizer of the most significant British diving expedition of the year.

  • Winner: Darwen SAC

PETER SMALL TROPHY – awarded annually to the BSAC club who has undertaken the most worthwhile underwater project of the year.

  • Winner: ‘Project Highball’ led by Mark Paisey

COLIN MCLEOD AWARD – to the person/s who in the opinion of the BSA Jubilee Trust has contributed to international cooperation and harmony in diving and associated activities.

  • Winner: Paul Rose – for the promotion of diving training, education, polar exploration and documentary filming in 2017

SCUBAPRO COUSTEAU AWARD – for the BSAC member who goes that extra mile in the promotion of the club’s aims and objectives.

  • Winner: Adrian Collier

THANK YOU AWARDS – presented to those leaving positions at the time of the Conference.

  • Awarded to: Malcolm Gaud (North Scotland Regional Coach), Rob Sewell (South Scotland Regional Coach), Sean Farhquarson (Ireland Regional Coach), Frank Lintott (Yorkshire Regional Coach), Adrian Collier (East Midlands Regional Coach)

Congratulations to all the winners! Please visit BSAC’s Facebook page for more news and photos from the BSAC Diving Conference 2017.

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