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Winners - Underwater Videography Contests

August 2015 Video Contest Winner And Review




Winner: ‘S’Algar Specials’ by David Purvis

Winning Video:

Nice film David with a real good scene setting opening and good music choice. Even though the video was a bit too long without any change of pace, it did keep me watching right through because the shots were steady, well exposed and sharp. You also managed good steady tracking and well framed images. I would suggest on another occasion to try a few tracks much closer to the subject as well as a few more static and dramaticly framed shots and perhaps think about lighting. When filming divers on a wreck see if you can get them to pose for you especially if they have good bright lights with them.

Well done again for a very nice film and I look forward to seeing more.

Being the only entry this month you, without question, walk away with the best film.

Good diving,



Jeff Goodman is the Editor-at-Large for with responsibility for conservation and underwater videography. Jeff is an award-winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker who lives in Cornwall, UK. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

Winners - Underwater Videography Contests

June 2022 Video Contest Winner and Review




Winner: French Polynesia by Olivier Bourgeois

Winning Video:

Exciting entries this month which once again make me wish the impossible of being everywhere at once to witness the amazing marine life we have on this planet. But, just seeing your entries makes me glad to know it is out there. Keep it safe, look after it. Spread the word.

This month’s winner is French Polynesia by Olivier Bourgeois. Not only stunning images but a lot of thought has gone into the production with clever editing and great music choice to set the mood.

Love the end question from the turtle.

Just some Hammer Heads living the life by Megan Ratnam

Great experience and what a perfect way to spend a dive.

Meet the reef Egypt by Domenico Pertschi

Lovely images. Clear and crisp with excellent colour. Very steady camerawork especially on the close ups. Good music choice.

French Polynesia by Olivier Bourgeois

Stunning opening with the blue aerial and then the magnificent underwater shoaling fish. The music and the speed of the action throughout was perfect and produced a wonderful dream like quality that kept my full attention right to the end. Beautiful film, well filmed and edited.

Falmouth Bay, Cornwall, May 2022 by Graeme Parker

Liked the opening. Good to see so many happy divers. The transition from the surface was well thought out but I have to say that I was glad you changed the music at that point as I felt the opening score was a bit too manic for the pace of the shots. However, once underwater it all worked perfectly. Lovely wildlife shots with good camerawork and nice lighting. I think a gentle and informative script/narration would well be worth thinking about.

Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth, Cornwall, May 2022 by Graeme Parker

Lovely opening with stunning scenery and perfect music choice. The colours are wonderful. You did well with the dogfish, keeping it perfectly in frame as well as very steady. The spider crabs are excellent. Good idea to put in a short shot of yourself.

Philippines Reef Fish by Dave Weeks

Great title shot and very nice transition to the underwater sequences. Good steady, well lit shots of a lovely variety of marine life. The music was a good choice but did become a little soporific after awhile. Perhaps you could think of some narration to explain what we are looking at which would add another dimension to the film. Maybe try a few extended shots of just one animal and shoot it in a variety of ways, wide angle, mid shot and close up. Love the Turtle shot, Excellent quality.

A story about human… by Maria Bereozka

Thank you for the full and emotive written intro. It’s an important story to tell. I was greatly saddened to see that boats still tie up to coral. They are mad, stupid, short sighted and must be stopped.

In search of the best shots with GoPro by Maria Bereozka

Good message in your written introduction. Beautiful long developing shot. You get great stuff freediving. Nice commentary and very good music. Is that you in shot?

Scuba diving in Tiran island with Go Pro by Maria Bereozka

Whole new ball game, filming wildlife with scuba tanks and not free diving. New disciplines to master in camerawork, lighting and editing. This was a nice film that showed the delight of just being underwater.

The July competition is now open for entries. You can enter up to three videos by clicking here.

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Winners - Underwater Videography Contests

May 2022 Video Contest Winner and Review




Winner: Baja California – Socorro : Diving in size XXL by Noemie Stroh

Winning Video:

Hi all. So many good places in the world to dive and so good to see them being filmed and appreciated. However we are too close to loosing it all with overfishing, pollution and climate change so lets not be complacent and make sure we all do our best to protect and conserve.

Five entries this month and the winner is Baja California – Socorro : Diving in size XXL by Noemie Stroh. I do realise that not everyone has access to such amazing marine life and so I always look at filming skills as well as the actual species. But in this case Noenie has capture incredible images of incredible wildlife and edited them together in a thoughtful and exiting way.

Underwater birds by Maria Bereozka

The video shots you get by free diving are so good. No bubbles to worry wildlife. Beautiful ray and good music choice. I think I have said it all before on your previous films. Great and really nice to watch.

Scuba diving changed my life! by Maria Bereozka

Love the written intro. It was Cousteau who inspired me to explore the undersea world although perhaps a few generations before. Nice to see a different style of film from you. Lovely sentiment and very well shot with a perfectly slow pace. A simple film but with good impact. Have a look again at your opening narration as your words were a bit quite and lost behind the music. Love the long shots.

Meet the reef Egypt by Domenico Pertschi

Hi Domenico. Lovely images of some fabulous marine life. All sharp, steady, well framed and well lit. Good music choice too which kept a nice pace to the video. Red Sea – fabulous place to dive.

Tiran Island: scuba diving with Go pro 9 by Maria Bereozka

We are going to need to change this monthly competition name to the ‘Maria Bereozka show’.  You have more entries than anyone else I know. Excellent. Keep sending them in. Nice pre-dive sequence which really captured the feel of Red Sea boat diving. Good underwater images and the music fitted well. As you are now getting into the scuba aspect of underwater filming and finding much more to film, have a think about some sort of narration or story line.

Baja California – Socorro : Diving in size XXL by Noemie Stroh

Fabulous drone shots to open the film. It’s a wonderful location. The link from the surface shot of the Sea lion to the underwater was great and the following images were stunning. I loved the shot of the diver under the massive shoal of fish. Your camera work is very good as is your lighting. The dolphin squeaks under the music was a simple touch but very effective. Well done. So many good images. The puffer fish and the ray made me smile. My only negative thought was the music, while starting well it eventually became a bit monotonous.

The June competition is now open for entries. You can enter up to three videos by clicking here.

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