Atomic Aquatics introduces NEW BC2 Back Inflation Buoyancy Compensator


Atomic Aquatics has introduced the new BC2 Back Inflation buoyancy compensator (BC) – the latest addition to its acclaimed BC series. The Atomic Aquatics BC2 is designed as the back inflation evolution of the popular jacket-style Atomic Aquatics BC1 that redefined conventional BC design. The BC2 is engineered using the same unique materials and patented Atomic Aquatics features as the BC1, including the EZ-LOK integrated weight system and CAM-LOK ratcheting tank band. BC2 will be available June 2019.

BC2 is simply amazing,” said Dean Garraffa, Atomic Aquatics co-founder and president. “When we designed the BC1, it was intended to set a new standard as a world-class BC. It has exceeded our expectations, so the BC2 design team applied the same materials and engineering for the BC2, in a back inflation model for divers who want that BC style,” Garraffa stated.

BC2 is constructed from an exclusive, attractive and incredibly tough double-laminated polyurethane coated waterproof fabric. The custom matte-finish fabric is coated on both sides and is completely waterproof. It is virtually dry immediately after a dive and will deliver years of durability.

BC1 is by far the most durable BC ever made, and we have the testimonials to prove it,” Garraffa declared. “Captain’s Corner in Key West, Florida, has been using 30 Atomic BC1s for well over 1,200 dives and they look and perform like new thanks to our superior materials used throughout. So, we used the same materials for the new BC2.”

BC2 delivers a superior level of flotation, balance and comfort. Unlike most other back inflation BCs, BC2 is neutrally-buoyant. Additional weight is not required to offset positively buoyant materials as with other back flotation BC models. BC2 is the most comfortable back inflation BC available. A diver feels “bolted in” becoming one with the BC, which exudes a feeling of confidence and comfort during the dive.

A special silicone retraction band, connected to the outer flotation cell, expands then cleanly retracts into a protective sleeve under the weight pocket. The silicone band material dries quickly and will not deteriorate like elastic style webbing.

The Atomic Aquatics BC2 is the result of the company’s “design studio” approach in which experienced dive equipment engineers reexamine every detail and reimagine every purpose of a product’s existence.

According to Garraffa, the team created another signature Atomic design. “When we finished the BC2 and looked at it in the design conference room, we all said this product ‘looks Atomic Aquatics’ meaning this thing is well designed, reflecting the Atomic Aquatics brand image and setting a benchmark for the highest standards possible,” he emphasized.

BC2 includes other Atomic exclusive, patented features that made the BC1 popular with divers and dive industry reviewers.

The patented EZ-LOK Integrated Weight Release System (U.S. Patent 9,296,451) enables divers to quickly, easily load weights while in or out of the water. Two zippered weight pouches, each holding up to 10 pounds of hard or soft weights, smoothly glide into the weight pockets and lock into place with a reassuring “SNAP.” A simple one-handed tug on the handle is all it takes to release.

The ratcheting CAM-LOK Tank Band and Backpack allows divers to mount and secure the BC2 to a wide range of tank sizes in just seconds. The ratcheting band is similar to the bindings on ski boots and quickly adjusts without the cumbersome weaving of webbing through a buckle. The incredibly strong one-piece band is sealed from the elements so it won’t slip, stretch, or absorb water like conventional nylon webbing.

The new Atomic Aquatics BC2 includes other exclusive features:

  • Diamond Pattern Quilted Backpad and Adjustable Lumbar Pad
  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel D-Rings with Titanium PVD Coating
  • Replaceable Inner Bladder
  • Sand-Resistant Pocket Zippers

BC2 offers divers the option of adding high-performance air inflation and safe second options, including the streamlined Atomic Aquatics SS1 Safe Second, available in Titanium or Stainless Steel. Divers can choose to equip the BC2 with the pairing of an Atomic Aquatics Octo and Ai Power Inflator. Inflator/safe second options are sold separately, allowing divers to choose the option that best meets their diving style.

The Atomic Aquatics BC2 will begin shipping June 2019 and will be available in Black with Red Accents.

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