Aquatica Announce AD810 Housing For The Nikon D810 Camera


The Aquatica Team has announced it is working on the Aquatica AD810 housing design for Nikon D810.

The AD810 will incorporate a multitude of refinements, including access to the highly programmable Fn and DOF preview buttons.

The housing features an internal flash up/flash down capability, a quick access ISO lever actuated by your thumb, access holes of different size are incorporated in the design and are ready to accept various accessories such as Aquatica’s own remote trigger, external monitors, newly introduced Surveyor vacuum monitoring system, or other third party accessories.

Aquatica offers a comprehensive selection of easily interchangeable strobe connectors. The 20076-NK comes equipped with two classic 5 pins Nikonos connectors, and the the 20076-KT is supplied with the rugged 5 pins Ikelite connector. Both versions accept the currently available TTL converter. Taking advantage of the fibre optic S-TTL is also possible with the 20076-OPT, which includes the connectivity for either the Sea & Sea or Inon type strobes. Lastly the 20076-HYB offers both a classic 5 pins Nikonos and one optical connector, which gives the housing a choice in strobes selection. As is the case with Aquatica’s current DSLR line up, their bulkheads can be replaced in the field without the need for specialized tools.

The AD810 housing camera tray smoothly and precisely positions the camera in the housing and easily disengages by a simple push on a tab. It’s easy to remove the camera from the back while keeping a lens and zoom gear attached.

Aquatica The AF-L/AE-L & AF-ON buttons are accessed with a combined lever and rotating collar that prevents ambient pressure from pushing it back towards the housing. The menus buttons are angled to provide better access to your left hand thumb. The AD810 uses the 4xxxx generation lens gears system with a smaller housing pinion gear and a larger lens gear. This offers a smoother action while zooming in a video sequence.

The AD810 housing’s lightness should not be misinterpreted as a weakness. This housing still has the same standard 90m/300ft depth rating and can still be upgraded to a 130m/425ft depth rating. Its knurled knobs and oversized controls mean easy operation no matter what the situation is. Anyone familiar with the Canadian climate knows that being built there also means that all of Aquatica’s housings are born and bred in one of the World’s most rugged diving environments.

The AD810 retains Aquatica’s molded grips, which are lightweight, sturdy, and are made of one piece; therefore, they cannot come unglued, fall apart or corrode. Both grips have mounting holes which accept the mounting bracket of Aquatica’s TLC system and for the other most current strobes and lighting arms out on the market. An extra mounting point for a focus/video light or other accessories is on top and another three additional mounting points are provided under the housing for various brackets, support or tripods.

Aquatica housings are supplied with the manufacturer’s own Galileo type eyepiece. This high quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the view finder. The optional Aqua View Finder, available in straight 180 and 45 degrees versions, install in a matter of minutes without special tools. The enlarged and enhanced image provided by the Aqua View Finder provides the photographer with tack-sharp corner to corner viewing of the camera view finder for composing and critical focusing.

The Aquatica AD810 will retail at $3,529.00 USD.

For more information and availability, contact your dealer or Aquatica at

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