Announcing the Winners of’s November 2016 Photo & Video Contests


Although there were some technical issues in November that made it difficult for people to enter (sorry guys!), the high quality of the images and the films that did mange to get entered into’s Underwater Photo & Video Contests last month was fantastic – well done to all of you who entered, and a huge thank you for your continued  support.

But there can of course only be one winner in each contest.

To find out who the winner of’s November 2016 Underwater Photo Contest is, click here.

To find out who the winner of’s November 2016 Underwater Video Contest is, click here.

If you’re not a winner this month, then why not try again? October’s photo and video contests are now open.

To enter’s December 2016 Underwater Photo Contest, click here.

To enter’s December 2016 Underwater Video Contest, click here.

Good luck!!!


Team Scubaverse

Team Scubaverse

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