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Announcing the Winner of’s Video of the Year 2017



Winner Chosen by our panel of experts:

Jeff Goodman,‘s Editor-At-Large and resident underwater videography expert

Sven Harms, Managing Director of SeaLife Cameras










[hr style=”single”]’s Editor-At-Large and resident underwater videography expert Jeff Goodman is once again joined by Sven Harms, Managing Director of SeaLife Cameras, to choose a winner of our Video of the Year award. Both Jeff and Sven differed slightly in their choice of the top three videos of the year, but agreed on the overall winner.

A message from Jeff:

This was a truly exceptional year for top quality video entries. I thought it was hard enough picking a winner each month, but having to pick an overall winner for the year has proven to be almost impossible!

All twelve films are good in different ways. The camera work throughout has been of a very high standard and the editing often very creative as well as precise. Music and additional sound effects are equally important as camera work and on screen content in the final presentation of any video, and all entrants have shown a true understanding of how the right music can strongly influence the ‘feel’ of a video and help to create an overall mood.

It has been really good to see how many video entries have taken on the mantle of marine conservation. It shows that we care what is happening to our world and I hope these films go a long way to encourage others to become more proactive.

The use of graphics has increased this year to great effect, especially in the context of sharing additional information about what is being shown on screen. Story telling and narration has also been used more, helping to take entries on to a higher level than previous years.

Although we have to pick an overall winner from the twelve winning entries for each month of 2017, I just want to mention all those excellent films that were entered throughout the year but never made it to the top spot. The variety and quality has been outstanding and it has demonstrated the time and effort that has been put into each production. It reflects the pleasure, excitement and concern you all have for our amazing marine world.

This year’s finalists were:

December – Changing Oceans by Katy Laveck Foster & Jeff Foster

Judges’ Comments


Excellent written intro to the video which gave the film a great deal of meaning and purpose. As for the film itself, truly excellent. I know many people would prefer to ignore the poor state and serious decline of all our seas – it seems to be too much for some to take in – but we can’t go on ignoring the problem, and this films goes a long way towards making us think hard about what we are losing, what we have left and why we should try our best to do something about it. Great videography and editing with very good choice of emotive music. It was also the perfect length and style to be punchy without becoming preachy.

October – Is there anybody out there? by Klemens Gann

Judges’ Comments


This is a very well conceived short underwater conservation story which held my full attention from beginning to end. The narrative was compelling, as was the diction. The under exposed ‘desolation shots’ worked really well to portray a lost environment, a lost world. The ‘historic’ shots of a rich and vibrant ocean were wonderful, and the pace of music fitted the images and mood well. A good short video to show in schools, especially for younger kids.


I liked the visual effect of the clown fish at the start, and the sound track. The underlying ecological message was also cool, and the macro clips throughout were great. Some subjects were a bit of a departure, but not enough to not rate this as a great video.

July – Jellyfish of the Gulf by Lara Dakers

Judges’ Comments


The sheer beauty and fascination of these Jellyfish are an  amazing visual effect, almost sci-fi alien, yet beautiful. Good fitting soundtrack. Good camera angles.

February – The Beauty of the Philippines by Marc Eeckhaut

Judges’ Comments


Excellent opening and perfect music. The wildlife images are magical and well shot. Nice to see the Mimic Octopus there. I would think the Philippines Tourist Board would like to see some of this. There was a very natural flow and progression to the film which culminated in a relaxed and tranquil ending.


This is a classic dive adventure video that makes me want to go diving. From start to finish, I enjoyed it. Sure, not every scene is glossy and perfect, but in general the creatures and flow excited me.

And the Winner is…

The Beauty of the Philippines by Marc Eeckhaut

Why? Well, it is an outstanding film both technically and artistically. It shows the incredible diversity of life in our oceans while creating a feeling of euphoria and a desire to get out there and see everything for one’s self. Makes me want to go diving. Not a direct conservation film as the other two finalists but in its own way leads to a great desire to protect and preserve.

[hr style=”single”]

Congratulations from all of the Scubaverse team to our winner and to our runners-up. Thank you to everyone that entered in 2017. We hope to see plenty more of your videos in 2018!

As our 2017 Video of the Year Winner, Marc will receive an exclusive Scubapro Travel Kit, which comprises of a SeaLife Micro HD+ Action Camera, a Scubapro Mantis M1 Dive Computer, and lots more (full details of the prize can be found here).

For your chance to win the 2017 title, you simply need to enter your videos each month here:

Good Luck! would like to say a big thank you to Video of the Year’s sponsor, Scubapro.


Jeff Goodman is the Editor-at-Large for with responsibility for conservation and underwater videography. Jeff is an award-winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker who lives in Cornwall, UK. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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