Announcing the Winner of’s Video of the Year 2016


Winner Chosen by our panel of experts:

Jeff Goodman, Scubaverse.coms Editor-At-Large and resident underwater videography expert

Sven Harms, Managing Director of SeaLife Cameras

Luke Inman, Photographer, Film Maker and PADI Course Director

Winner: The Sea by Ronald Faber

Winning Video:’s Jeff Goodman got together with Sven Harms from SeaLife Cameras and Photographer and Film Maker Luke Inman to pick their favourite videos of 2016. An excellent year for Scubaverse’s monthly video competitions with many outstanding films being entered. In fact the entire overall standard was extremely high and we have enjoyed watching them all.

Here are each of our top three videos put in order and with comments on each:

First Place: The Sea by Ronald Faber

Jeff’s comments:

Over the course of the year there were two films that stood out for me. “I remember” by Matthias Lebo and “The Sea” by Ronald Faber. I do realise that these two films are both in the same vein and deciding which was to be the winner was quite difficult. But in the end it came down to “The Sea” by Ronald Faber. A good story, well shot and planned with excellent music and narration. An emotive film that makes the viewer think again about the true nature of the sea.

Sven’s comments:

Good introduction – Engaging story line – Large variety of sea creatures  – Good color balance – Fluid camera movements – Clear and concise voiceover.

Luke’s comments:

The winner for me is The Sea by Ronald Faber. It is very engaging, in fact my only criticism would be it has not been edited for “Safe Broadcast” – the whites are a little blown out, but for an Amateur video that is not important. Voice over is good, camera movements are good, variety, but most importantly it is engaging, it holds my attention (which is very difficult, I am Mr A.D.D). I am not aware of what camera was used or the system to edit, but the story is so engaging all this becomes irrelevant as the story dominates, as stories always should with any film.

Second Place: “I remember” by Matthias Lebo

Watch Mathias’ video here.

Jeff’s Comments:

As always with your films Matthias, this was truly well conceived and planned. Beautiful narration and sentiments. Excellent choice of music and well shot. Just one thing though, I was expecting the diver to be a lady as the narrator was giving such a personal account. Perhaps the man’s voice would have been better with these images.

Sven’s Comments:

Sven actually put this film as 3rd and says:

Creative introduction and story line – Variety of sea creatures – Fluid camera movements – Clear and concise voiceover and exciting background music.

Luke’s Comments:

I thought this was a good music choice, possibly the best. It had simple elements like good camera movement, and again the story wins! The story wins! Story is most important.

Third Place

Here is where the judges parted ways and gave three different results. “Dive Belize” by Curtis Lahr, “I remember” by Matthias Lebo and “Nightvision, a magical night dive” by Klemens Gann:

Jeff’s Comments:

“Nightvision, a magical night dive” by Klemens Gann artistically portrayed a wonderful selection of night time animals. All very well shot with emotive music.

Sven’s Comments:

“I remember” by Matthias Lebo. – Creative introduction and story line – Variety of sea creatures – Fluid camera movements – Clear and concise voiceover and exciting background music.

Luke’s Comments:

“Dive Belize” by Curtis Lahr. Excellent transition from topside to underwater. Excellent colour balance and fluid camera movements.

Congratulations from all of the Scubaverse team to our winner and to our runners-up. Thank you to everyone that entered in 2016. We hope to see plenty more of your videos in 2017!

As our 2016 Video of the Year Winner, Ronald will receive an exclusive Scubapro Travel Kit, which comprises of a SeaLife Micro HD+ Action Camera, a Scubapro Mantis M1 Dive Computer, and lots more (full details of the prize can be found here).

For your chance to win the 2017 title, you simply need to enter your videos each month here:

Good Luck! would like to say a big thank you to Video of the Year’s sponsor, Scubapro.

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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