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A split level photo of an American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) beneath red mangrove trees (Rhizophora mangle) above a bed of seagrass (turtlegrass: Thalassia testudinum). Jardines de la Reina, Gardens of the Queen National Park, Cuba. Caribbean Sea.

The May NUPG meeting saw the first virtual guest speaker take to the “stage” and what a talk to kick off this new style of meeting. Alex Mustard joined members online to give a completely new talk: Appreciating our audience in underwater photography.

Alex opened with some positives about being able to offer talks online, pointing out that they could be watched over again, and could be watched by a much wider audience. However, they also posed a couple of difficulties, like not being able to gauge the audience reaction and interact as easily, but the main grumble for not coming to talk in person in Manchester was missing out on the fabulous curries on offer at the usual meeting place of the Gurkha Grill in West Didsbury!

The talk combined an autobiographical element, focusing on the start of his career, along with the importance of considering the audience that he was shooting for. It was packed with amazing underwater images that inspired the audience, as well as making them all wish they could get back into the water and start taking photos again! You can watch the talk here:


The NUPG usually charge non-members £4 to attend NUPG meetings, and suggest online viewers consider donating an equivalent amount to an ocean related charity of their choice.

To finish off the May meeting the competition results were announced. The theme was “Sharks & Rays” and the voting had been completed online earlier in the day. The winner was Ken Byrne with his lovely shot of a manta feeding at night.

There were joint runners-up from Caroline Robertson-Brown and Alex Tasker. Caroline’s shot featured a Caribbean Reef Shark swimming away from the camera, taken in The Bahamas.

Alex’s shot was of some resting whitetip sharks from Roca Partida taken on a liveaboard trip to Socorro.

The NUPG would like to thank Alex Mustard for his engaging talk and for allowing them to share the talk far and wide. They would also like to thank BSoUP for letting them use their GoToMeeting software to host the meeting.

For more information about the NUPG and details of up-coming meetings, please visit their website by clicking here.

Northern Underwater Photography Group - NUPG

Northern Underwater Photography Group - NUPG

The Northern Underwater Photography Group (NUPG) is an organisation of like-minded people with an interest in taking images underwater. The group meets in Manchester but membership is drawn from around the North of England and further afield. Meetings are monthly and previous speakers have included Alex Mustard, Martin Edge, Alex Tattersall, and Scubaverse's own Nick & Caroline Robertson-Brown. Find out more at

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