Aggressor Adventures staff collect 800 lbs of coastal trash in international clean-up effort!


International adventure travel leaders, Aggressor Adventures, has completed its first multi-country, shoreline clean-up at locations in the Galapagos, Belize, Palau, and Roatan, Honduras. Forty Aggressor staff dedicated 170 man-hours during June’s official Ocean Clean Up Month, filling over 60 trash bags with 800 pounds of trash covering a cumulative 2.55-mile area.

“As divers, we know the oceans need our help now more than ever, and here at Aggressor Adventures we get that,” says Samantha Whitcraft, Aggressor’s Director of Conservation and Outreach. “Scientist estimate that more than nine million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year comprised mostly of everyday items like bottles, wrappers, straws, and bags. By adding this yearly clean-up to our Green the Fleet sustainability initiatives, we will continue to be part of the solution and help divers understand how they can be too.”

This first annual Aggressor Adventures’ Great Shoreline Clean-up is an active way for Aggressor’s staff to further expand the company’s sustainability accomplishments by cleaning up local waterways and coastal areas while engaging with local communities.

Aggressor Adventure’s CEO Wayne Brown says:

“We strive every day for excellence in our green operations that are already in place, yet as global adventurers, we witness first-hand the impact pollution has on our surrounding environment, especially our oceans. It’s our responsibility to change that. I’m so proud of our staff and their success with this shoreline clean-up. As a company, we continue to be pro-active when it comes to keeping our adventures environmentally sustainable for our customers, for future generations, and for the planet.”

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