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Active and Veteran Military Members Celebrate Force Blue’s Unprecedented Upcoming Deployment and Mission



More than 70 active and veteran military troops joined close to 100 members of the SCUBA industry to recently celebrate the announcement of FORCE BLUE’s inaugural deployment at an event held at The Ocean Institute, Dana Point, CA.

FORCE BLUE, the only non-profit specifically created to aid former combat divers and Special Operations veterans in their assimilation back to civilian life by giving them a new, positive mission to help the planet, recently announced its inaugural deployment with six Iraq/Afghanistan veterans. Team members will be taught how to adapt their skills to rebuild and preserve coral reefs off the coast of Grand Cayman.

“The outpouring of support we received, not just from the veteran’s community, but from the dive industry, environmentalists, artists, marine conservationists…It’s truly humbling,” stated FORCE BLUE Co-founder and Executive Director Jim Ritterhoff.  “People came because they believe in our mission and want to play a part in its success.”

Military veterans interacted with SCUBA professionals while they enjoyed live performances by country music star Cliff Cody and the eclectic music of singer, songwriter and US Recon Marine Brandon Mills; Rock-n-Roll icon, Ian Astbury of The Cult, his wife, Black Ryder lead singer Aimee Nash and IMAX Head of Content Jamie McCabe were just a few of the notable guests who attended the 3-hour event.

Attendees learned more about FORCE BLUE’s origin and mission from co-founders Jim Ritterhoff, Keith Sahm and U.S. Recon Marine Master Sgt. Rudy Reyes.

Drew Richardson, President and CEO of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Worldwide, spoke of the organization’s commitment to support FORCE BLUE and his belief in the team’s mission. He presented a $2,500 check to FORCE BLUE co-founders to be put toward its initial deployment.

National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Worldwide, Scuba Diving International (SDI), SCUBAPRO, Diver’s Alert Network (DAN), Oakley, Ritz-Carlton luxury hotels, jetBlue, Mission Volant, SUUNTO and Wyland Galleries donated more than 40 items to the silent auction to alleviate the cost of the video production of the inaugural dive.

While dining on a mouth-watering menu of hors d’oeuvres including a delicious gourmet sausage tasting by Mad Mike, a fellow veteran and his company Mad Mike’s American Gourmet Inc., attendees also had the exclusive opportunity to meet veteran military members of the first FORCE BLUE dive team including: U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Geoff Reeves and FORCE BLUE co-founder U.S. Recon Marine Master Sgt. Rudy Reyes.

Tonight was a special night for FORCE BLUE. The event provided us the opportunity to connect face-to-face with fellow military troops so they can learn of this great opportunity to still have an important mission in civilian life,” Sgt. Rudy Reyes said. “It also reaffirmed the potential we have to rally people behind our cause — helping our veterans as they help the planet. One team. One fight.”

FORCE BLUE gives former military trained combat divers and veterans of Special Operations Forces an important new mission: to experience and explore one of the most critically endangered ecosystems on the planet–and to adapt their training and teamwork to rebuild the fragile ecosystem and aid in its protection. FORCE BLUE teaches veterans: their skills and training are transferable and can still make a positive difference, camaraderie does exist after combat and helping can be the antidote to harming. FORCE BLUE welcomes the support of people and organizations who see the value in this unique mission and want to play a part in its success. Visit to learn more.

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SCUBAPRO CARES – Step by step for the protection of our oceans



For over 50 years Scubapro has been committed to diving and marine conservation. From optimising materials and manufacturing techniques to sponsoring conservation organisations and the work of the Deep Elite Ambassadors, Scubapro is committed to helping preserve the oceans.

The goal is to create awareness for the oceans and encourage divers to get involved in environmental protection. Scubapro has partnerships with Mission Blue, Galapagos National Parks, Conservation International, WWF, Antinea Foundation, San Diego Oceans Foundation, REEF, National Marine Life Center, Sharkproject, SOS Sea Turtles, Ozeankind, Yaqu Pacha and many more.


Scubapro divewear is the greenest – or bluest – in the industry. In 2012, Scubapro was the first manufacturer to use X-Foam neoprene. In 2017, again as the first manufacturer, the solvent-free Aqua Alpha glue followed in Everflex suits. Today, all Scubapro dry suits, wetsuits, shortys, hoods and gloves thicker than 1.5 mm are made with this solvent-free glue. In addition, the standards for neoprene include the use of only environmentally beneficial doped-dyed yarns, carbon black components from recycled tyres and 100% petroleum-free limestone

“Scubapro was one of the first brands to stop using petroleum-based neoprene and to start using neoprene that was gained from Limestone instead. By developing the Everflex 3/2mm no zip, we have tried to produce a natural-based neoprene suit. We have also used solvent free glue for the fabric production and suit assembly which complies to REACH regulations for pollutant free production processes. Having had the chance to spend time with the workers on the production chain, I can tell that this is a serious milestone for ensuring their health and developing an eco-friendlier level of neoprene.”

– Nicolas Vincent, Scubapro product manager Dive Wear & Bags 


As part of its Responsible Packaging program, Scubapro is gradually reducing the use of plastic packaging. Some measures that have already been implemented: 

  • Recycled cardboard boxes or protective containers for masks that can be used sustainably for transport and storage of accessories.
  • Boots in fabric bags that can be used for transport and storage as well as a wash or shoe bag.
  • Headbands, neoprene mask straps, gloves and other accessories are delivered on recycled label cards as packaging.
  • Regulators, computers, and regulator maintenance kits are shipped in cardboard packaging without plastic.
  • Fins in recycled cardboard boxes or in mesh bags that can be used for transport and storage or as bags for marine debris when diving.

The complete elimination of plastic and the reduction of total packaging are the goals of the Responsible Packaging program. Innovative packaging solutions for more products will be introduced
in the near future.

Further information:

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The IMPERFECT Conservationist, Episode #4: Think Like an IMPERFECT Conservationist – Why ‘imperfect’ is important (Watch Video)



Why does “Imperfect” matter when it comes to conservation? In this video I explain how being imperfect is important especially when it comes to conservation. This is a view into the mindset of being an Imperfect Conservationist.

This is “The IMPERFECT Conservationist” – Episode #4, a between the scenes Special Edition. In this series I take the big concepts of conservation and break them down into easily digestible bite-size pieces that can be applied to everyday busy life. In each video you will get your dose of “Conservation Empowerment” with ways to THINK like an IMPERFECT Conservationist and EASY – AFFORDABLE – IMPACTFUL conservation action that fits into your life. We can’t do it all, or do it perfectly but when it comes to being part of the solution, we can always do something! Be inspired, inspire others, do something good. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, and the bell so you know when my new videos post! More on my website and social channels too.

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