It’s A Moray

A moray eel hunts across Flower Garden Reef in West Palm Beach, FL

Philippines bubbles

Story of holidays in Phlippines, april 2017 : Tubbataha liveaboard, Moalboal sardines run, Oslob whale sharks, and Malapascua thresher shark + so many other “creatures” !

A glimpse of Philippines

Philippines is one of the world’s best destinations for scuba diving; not only for its warm waters and beautiful coral, but also for the rich diversity of marine life. From…

Sipadan Island: The Dive Mecca

In 2013, Sipadan Island was ranked the 5th world’s top dive site by Lonely Planet. This is because of the glorious underwater world. If you are lucky enough, you could…

Down here

Down here there are no stoplights. No junk mail. No TV game shows or shopping malls. There are no screaming bosses or billboards or telemarketers. Knowing this to be true,…

Mantas of Costa Rica

I spent several days diving with Manta Rays off the coast of Cano Island in Costa Rica.