One way only

Hi Stuart your comments really helped me a lot! Thanks for this. Nico I always had this shot in my mind, trying to catch the frenzy directional movement of fishes…


lagoon’s clown fishes

I found these liitles guys in the 1 meter deep lagoon au Rodrigues Island, (Near Mauricius). I Never saw clown fish so close to the water, feels like Heaven for…


Turtle Noir

Hawksbill Turtle at Ras Muhammad, Egypt


Macro Life

Shot on Canon s100 with Subsee +5 diopter, in the Maldives


Ocean Voyager

Taken at Hin Daeng, on our safety stop. Turtle appeared out of nowhere to come and have a look at us.


Leader of the Pack

A tiger shark swims by me, and decides to turn with two reef sharks in the back following suit.