The Heian Maru – Truk Lagoon

The Heian Maru – one of the largest wrecks to be found in the waters of Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon at a length of 155m. Built in 1930 as a Passenger-Cargo…

Shark diving in Truk Lagoon

We travelled to Truk Lagoon for the amazing wrecks back in November 2017, and despite knowing we were going to be diving in waters rich with marine life, not once…

The Pharaoh Cuttlefish

I was lucky to find a few Pharaoh Cuttlefish while diving around Thailand. I’ve added a few fun facts about these magnificent cuttlefish.

Seahorses in Curacao

I had the chance to observe a few Seahorse while diving around Curacao. I’ve included a few fun facts about Seahorses.

A dive in Turkey

some moments from my dives from Turkey…not much corals but still alive