8 Great Reasons to try Liveaboard Diving


Liveaboard diving opens up a whole new world of adventures. It offers the chance to explore remote destinations and uncrowded dive sites, plus enjoy the benefits of a personalised service and more dives per day. The list of reasons to try liveaboard diving is almost endless, so here are a few to whet your appetite. Dive in and you might just find the perfect liveaboard for you.

Liveaboard diving is for EVERY diver

Some people think liveaboard diving is only suitable for experienced divers but there are liveaboard safaris suitable for every dive experience level.

Two of the top liveaboard diving destinations, the Bahamas and the Great Barrier Reef, are ideal for new divers. You can enjoy easy diving with numerous sharks in the Bahamas, or snorkel with dwarf minke whales and explore beautiful coral reefs in Australia.

If you’re looking for more challenging diving, the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica are unmissable. These two premier destinations are only accessible by liveaboard diving and will take your breath away with the sheer abundance of marine life and adventurous diving on offer.

Immerse yourself in diving you love

If you want to focus on a particular type of diving you love, liveaboards are a great choice for doing so. You can explore destinations renowned for exhilarating wall dives, wreck diving and more. Coron is well worth visiting if you’re a fan of wrecks. It is off the beaten track and is gaining a reputation as a wreck diving mecca. There are vessels ranging from small gun boats to seaplane tenders and tankers, and the Atlantis Azores offers safaris there.

If wreck diving isn’t your thing, how about ice diving in Antarctica or diving Fiji, the soft coral capital of the world? Or maybe you want to experience night diving with graceful manta rays in Hawaii. Whatever your idea of diving bliss, there will be a liveaboard to meet your needs.

Choose from budget adventures to exquisite luxury getaways

Liveaboard diving needn’t be expensive and there are some great budget-friendly liveaboards to try. You can dive with great white sharks at Guadalupe with the MV Horizon or cruise the Great Barrier Reef with the Rum Runner without breaking the bank. Red Sea liveaboard diving is another great choice for inexpensive liveaboards and has colourful coral reefs and plenty of marine life to see.

If you’re looking for a luxury escape that includes world-class diving, pristine atolls and relaxing spa treatments, look no further than the Maldives. There are a variety of luxurious yet affordable liveaboards to choose from, with the Scubaspa Fleet providing the ultimate in luxury diving.

Time just doesn’t matter anymore

There are short and extended liveaboard safaris to choose from; from 1-night safaris in Australia with Ocean Quest to extended 17-night Aqua Tiki II catamaran safaris exploring the stunning islands and shark dives of French Polynesia.

Once you’re onboard time will be a distant memory anyway as the crew take care of your every need. You’ll live your days by the rising and setting of the sun, experiencing one memorable dive after another.

There’s a world of epic, remote destinations to explore

One of the best advantages of liveaboard diving is reaching remote destinations that other people simply don’t get to dive. Go liveaboard diving and you can explore some of the last pristine places on Earth, such as the tribal islands of Papua New Guinea, the reefs of the Solomon Islands and the wilderness of the Arctic and Antarctica.

You’ll enjoy the best marine life encounters on Earth

There’s no shortage of incredible marine life encounters to tick off your wish list when you go liveaboard diving:

  • Free diving with orcas in the Arctic winter
  • Snorkelling with huge humpback whales in the Dominican Republic
  • Diving with the world’s friendliest giant manta rays at the Socorro Islands
  • Swimming with numerous whale sharks at Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia

And that’s just a few of them…

Don’t want to dive all the time? There are plenty of other options

When you’re not diving, you can kick back and relax on sun decks or take advantage of other activities on offer. Join a liveaboard safari in Komodo, Indonesia and you can explore pink sand beaches, go hiking local paradise islands and visit Komodo dragons. A dive and sail safari to the Seychelles is ideal for a slow-pace of life under the sails, or you can visit far-flung communities in the Solomon Islands.

Motion sickness needn’t stop you, when you know which vessels to choose

Finally, don’t let motion sickness prevent you from joining a liveaboard safari. With the variety of vessel styles to choose from, sickness can become a thing of the past. Traditional Indonesian phinisi boats and catamarans offer smooth sailing plus, in the case of catamarans, exceptional stability and the ability to anchor in shallow, flat waters. They also happen to cruise some of the most scenic liveaboard destinations out there.

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