7 Factors When Buying A Scuba Mask (Watch Video)


Here is the first in a series of weekly videos from our fantastic new contributor Divers Ready!

Scuba Masks: Here’s everything you need to know! If you’re new to diving, looking to upgrade your dive gear or it’s been a while since you last shopped for a mask, here are 7 easy deciding factors for buying your next Mask for Scuba Diving! A well fitting, high quality scuba mask will last you years. Here’s how to choose one! Thanks for watching! See you on the next video!

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Divers Ready

Divers Ready

James is a well-traveled and experienced technical diving Instructor, bringing his world SCUBA perspective to Scubaverse! He’s worked for dive resorts; large dive operators; family-owned dive shops; expedition companies; dive retailers; underwater movie productions; is a public safety diver Instructor; and is the Co-Owner of Miami Technical Diving! James is also the personality and knowledge broker behind 'Divers Ready!' a super influential Scuba Diving YouTube channel, website and brand!

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