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1_scubapro2013_twocolours_pantone3005COver the years, Johnson Outdoors have succeeded to create one of the broadest and most innovative product offering within the diving industry with the two brands Scubapro and Subgear.

To focus even more on the diving market and the divers’ needs Johnson Outdoors have decided to pool all strengths strategically and to concentrate the entire know-how on one brand, Scubapro – one of the world’s leading diving brands.

By merging the two brands Johnson Outdoors will be able to truly fulfill all wishes. No matter how experienced you the diver is, no matter which kind of diving you do, and no matter where you explore the underwater world on this planet.

Almost all Subgear products will survive – just under a new name: Scubapro. The manufacturer says it is proud to be able to offer a unique range of goods that they say no other diving gear company can.

Scubapro doesn’t just cover the basics like regulators, computers, BCD’s, dive wear and wetsuits. Scubapro is now the sole company offering a complete, exclusively developed freediving line, including all accessories – developed in cooperation with some of the best freedivers in the world. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a complete product line for kids. All the equipment is specifically developed to suit the needs and anatomy of young scuba divers.

With X-TEK all aspects of technical diving are covered, including sidemount. Whether it’s deep dives, wrecks or caves, Scubapro has the right configuration for even the most sophisticated dives.

As the exclusive distributor for SeaLife in the region, Scubapro is the market leader in underwater photography and videography. In particular, the Sea Dragon underwater lighting systems are unrivaled in the diving gear market. And Scubapro have created a wide range of accessories. There is literally nothing the diver can´t find in the portfolio.

The enthusiasm and zest for innovation and development at Scubapro remains limitless. All employees follow their passion for diving in order to offer you the best, whatever you need underwater.


All legal guarantees on Subgear products remain valid and of course, Subgear spare parts will continue to be available.

For any questions customers can contact an authorised Scubapro dealer. All dealers are listed on

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