24-Hour dive planned to raise funds for Deptherapy


A 24-hour dive has been organised by Dickie Henderson, a member of Aquatic Element Dive Club, to raise money for Deptherapy.

The event, which will begin at 12:00 hrs on Saturday the 2nd January 2016, will take place at the iconic Pinewood Studios Dive Stage, where films in the James Bond, Harry Potter and Tomb Raider series (among many others) have been filmed.

The dive will require a diver to be constantly submerged on the dive stage for the whole 24 hours. Some of the injured troops who have benefited from the courses and trips that Deptherapy have organised in the past will be taking part.

Dickie is attempting to raise £10,000 for Deptehrapy from the event. If you would to donate some money you can do so by visiting Dickie’s Just Giving page here.

To find out more about Deptehrapy, visit www.deptherapy.co.uk.

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