The new Epic 82X – coming soon from Mares


The Epic 82X is the new top-of-the-line regulator, combining the traditional advantages of Mares regulators with latest-generation technological innovations and an exclusive design.  Epic 82X marks the new benchmark product for people who want a high-performance regulator.

A first stage with an always dry 360° swivel turret

As a result of our extensive expertise, we’ve produced the Epic 82X first stage with a 360° swivel turret and a unique design for the HP ports (OPD) allowing you to orient the high pressure hose and/or computer transmitter to your preference, regardless of the first stage position.  This offers you total control of your equipment configuration.

The 82X is a balanced-diaphragm first stage.  This technology guarantees reliable, consistent, elite performance at any depth or air pressure supply.  We’ve exercised extensive research into air flow in optimizing the internal passages of air delivery. This, paired with other design features in the first stage, delivers a Natural DFC (Dynamic Flow Control), elevating air flow through ALL of the low-pressure ports.

The 82X first stage includes the new anti-flooding system, called AST (Auto-Sealing Technology): the flow of gas activates the AST system automatically without relying on a mechanical solution, ensuring maximum reliability. This creates a safeguard against water intrusion into the first stage, maintaining a dry first stage under all conditions.

The forging process used to manufacture the body allows us to achieve a compact and lightweight product with an element of design that all will envy.  The Epic 82X first stage is truly one of a kind.  Available in either INT or DIN configurations.

Latest generation second stage with twin power system

We designed the Epic 82X second stage to be the absolute top of the line.

The innovative Twin Power system combines the features of the VAD system which is typical of our second stages at Mares, with some adjustment advantages:

  • The VAD system capitalizes on the Venturi effect, conveying 90% of the air inside a lateral by-pass. The air currents flow through it without encountering levers or mechanisms, ensuring the very best performance even in extreme situations, like diving in cold water.
  • The Twin Power System makes it possible to control the VAD system air flow to ensure natural breathing at any depth and deliver the right amount in response to the demand from the diver.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The diver can adjust breathing comfort as needed using a knob that’s easy to operate even when wearing thick gloves; at Mares we also apply this concept to the purge button, which is broad and pivoting for fast, intuitive use.

Full pneumatic balancing completes the list of bonuses this second stage has to offer. It will ensure incredible levels of breathing comfort at any depth and under any usage conditions.

In terms of design, the Epic 82X is the undisputed leader, with a unique and exclusive look. It’s also available as an Octopus, in the classic yellow color.

With the innovative Epic 82X, we at Mares are once again revolutionizing the diving market, with new paradigms that make this regulator the benchmark product for the very best dives.

For more information about Mares please visit their website by clicking here.

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